Well the Penguins playoff run is over so…


Lushie was waiting for me with the clippers to make sure the playoff scruff came off. Pens lost 3-0 tonight to the Senators thus losing the first round 4 games to 1. When the season started I was just hoping for a decent year but to finish as one of the top teams in the NHL was unreal. I was more than pleased. The playoffs, well… umm yeah. Looked like the Pirates of hockey.

Well Since I didn’t get a chance earlier to post about it here are pictures from last Sunday’s game. Pre-game Concert w/The Dick Clarks | Game 2 photos at Mellon Arena | Video of ciggy breakdown (13MB)

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It’s 32F and Pirates home opener… let’s tailgate!

A nice frothy morning here in Pittsburgh PA but that won’t stop us from heading to PNC Park for the Pirates home opener. I may try to get into the Club 3000 to see if they held true to the word of supplying quality craft beer. I think Sister Lushie is still upstairs reading the paper so I’ll have to get her ass moving. Pre-game festivities start at 12:45 so I’ll have plenty of time to get some batteries for the camera.  Pirates are 4-2 and the Pens are in the playoffs. Go ahead and say it… Hell has frozen over.

I’ve had alot of time to reflect over the last extended weekend. Since the demise of Text America I’ve rarely moblogged but I’m starting to re-connect with some of those guys on Flickr so I’m going to revamp my Flickr page and get back into it. Moblogging is addicting 🙂

Post season playoff hockey is about to start for my beloved Penguins for the first time since the 00-01 season and Lushie is hating it already. Why? Playoff beard. I figure if the players are going to do it why can’t I? I told her that I’m not shaving my head or newly started beard until the Pens are eliminated. She also added last night “I don’t think I can deal with you if the Pens win the Cup.”  Honestly, I’ll probably have to sleep in the guest room 🙂

Amazingly the 1yr anniversary of our podcast is coming up. We spent most of the weekend recording video to make a recap for everyone and throw in some not-seen-before clips that we found recently.  I’m *still* working on the redesign of the site and plan on it being done in a few weeks. We shall see.

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April 1st chaps my arse

April Fools Day has turned into a showcase of the stupidity in society. You’d think that on the ONE day a year people would be extra cautious pranks would be foiled. Hell naw! I appreciate the creativity of Google Paper, Google TiSP and even the Think Geek page which has become a tradition of sorts for these companies to poke some fun.

Yesterday I was reading through bulletins on MySpace and a few newsgroups that I subscribe to. Most users were posting blatantly obvious fiction to see who would bite and sure as shit, people bought it. Even after there were notes “keep in mind today is April 1st” people still freaked out. I was thinking this all but reconfirmed my belief that you should have a license to surf the web… then I think of the jackasses that drive cars around Pittsburgh and figure that it’s pointless.

Seriously, when did we get all of these idiots online.  I blame Gonchar.

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Heading to the postseason for the Pens!


Excuse me while I sit back and savor this moment in front of all of the haters out there who said we didn’t need this team and that they sucked over the last few years. ahhhhh yes. As the Steelers begin their decent my beloved Pens are now the best team in the city and I’m sure Yinzer Nation is just having a royal shit fit over it.

Here is why I’m geeking out over the Eastern Conf. playoffs this year and why you should too (OK besides the fact the Pens are in it for the first time since 2000-01 season and I have tickets).

1) Division play – The Atlantic title is up for grabs. Pittsburgh and NJ are tied with 98 points (pens have played 1 more game though). Northeast has Buffalo which is sweating a 5 point lead (for those not used to hockey scoring that would be 2.5 games) over Ottawa who are 7-1-2 in their last 10. Southeast is a huge clusterfuck with 4 points separating 1st and 3rd place (Atlanta 88, Tampa Bay 86, Carolina 84).

2) Conference play – The playoffs consist of 8 teams. 3 Divisonal winners and 5 top points (each team gets 2 for a win, 1 for OT loss or shootout loss). The top 3 are ALWAYS the division winners which is why Buffalo(103), New Jersey(98) and Atlanta(88) are 1-3 and Ottawa/Pittsburgh are 4th/5th with 98 points. Now here’s where it gets interesting. It’s still a possibility that Atlanta could fall out of the race completely. Teams 6 thru 11 are only separated by THREE points. That’s 6 teams fighting for 3 spots! New York Rangers with 87, Tampa Bay and Montreal with 86 and Carolina, Toronto and New York Islanders with 84. With most teams having 5 games left that’s a possibility of 10 points. Can you see where I’m going with this? An all out battle royal in the NHL!

I get chills thinking about it. I have Versus on my cable so I know I wont have to worry about missing too many games but you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be glued to the TV for the next week. I forgot how exciting of a time it was.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Pirates home opener is about 12 days away?

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2007 St Patty’s Day cheers from spoon to you!

Yesterday was a good time. I was up till 4am the night before celebrating the Irish cheer with some friends online so yesterday was spent with me, the couch, the laptop and the tv until it was time to go out at night.  No green beer for me this year but we did throw a few back at the lanes last night before heading to Monte Cello’s for late night munchies and pints of Troegenator on tap. Of all nights it was also karaoke so the drunks were in full bloom.  Today is homework and watching the Pens game.
Hope everyone had a safe holiday!

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sucking and blowing… oh my!

Sucking: Why do I let myself get sucked into NCAA pools each year? I hate basketball and I mean HATE with a passion so I think it has to do with friendly competition between friends… ok and bragging right. I’m not Marty McFly when someone calls him chicken but to me all of this comes down to luck. As I post this I’m tied for first in the Pittsburgh Celebrity Blogger NCAA Pool. yeah, me… the guy who knows nothing about the sport. I caved in for this one because 1) I know some of these people personally and figured we could get a good laugh about it later. 2) being listed as a celebrity blogger warms the cockels of my heart 3) Andrew Stockey is my bitch! Ok, unless I see him face to face then he’s a very nice gentleman. But behind this keyboard… YOU MY BITCH!

So what happens? I’m checking scores ALL the time and asking people about their picks. See… SUCKING

Blowing: Today in picturesque southwestern PA we are experiencing an obviously drunk Mother Nature today. I’m not giving numbers of temperatures because that’s just bullshit when you factor in wind chill, moisture and all that other crap. I’m talking about me walking outside and passing judgment. When I went outside this morning to get the morning paper there was some bite in the air but not something that a sweatshirt couldn’t fix. 9:30am it started sleeting. For those unfamiliar with sleet image driving through a snowcone. It’s now 1:10pm and it’s snowing. Wait, there’s more! Ice is about to pass over followed by rain and then more snow. Just a recap – sleet, snow, ice, rain, ice. With the temps holding in the mid to high TWENTIES this will mean only one thing to me. Getting to the Pens game tonight is going to SUCK. Granted I could just stay home, get a case of beer, watch it on TV and chat online but nooooooo, I have to get the free hat promotion because spoon loves free shit.

Sucking and Blowing: That would be me for not posting about the Pens getting the arena deal done. Honestly, if you know me you know I’m friggin on cloud nine and I have a reason not to look elsewhere to raise my family. Seriously, I would have had no problems picking up and leaving. My only beef is that Rendell is a cockknocker and almost blew the whole deal. It would never have gone this far if it was Philadelphia. Comment all you want but the man is that chain smoking, divorced, swindling car dealer who has a vehicle you can’t resist.

P.S. the DFH video is ready and will be published tomorrow (tonight at midnight if I’m awake). Hope you’re subscribed!

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oh ok, i’ll throw you a bone

I know I know… what’s with the lack of progress on here. Trust me it’s not lack of motivation or content, it’s lack of free time. Between work, school (did I mention I’m back in college?), that whole SCAN thing I’m trying to organize and the podcast growing into a beast all it’s own I’ve left my baby alone. Yeah I hear ya, whine whine whine. We have a video launch this weekend for St Patty’s Day that we’re busting our asses to finish. It’s the first one I’ve assisted in the editing so I’m geekin about it and, as usual, am being overly critical about detail. I don’t know anyone else with this complex in my family so who knows where i get it from. Maybe it’s missing so often I feel the need to assume the role.

anyways… cheers! I have some Erie Railbender chillin in my fridge. It may be me but it doesn’t taste as good as it did when I lived in Erie.

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Bringin Sexy back at 31!


ah yes once again the National Holiday Celebrating the Spoon has arrived for it’s 31st edition. Spend it with you loved ones and a cold frothy beverage.

Raise a glass and cheers!

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Birthday Week!

My wife introduced me to birthday week a few years ago and I’m rather thankful she did. Quick overview, for 7 days (the 7th being your birthday) you receive presents/cards from your significant other. They’re not big gifts but just little things that might be inside jokes for the 2 of you or just cards saying “hey, I give a shit”. I luck out every year because my birthday week starts on Valentine’s day. Unfortunately this year my birthday falls on Ash Wednesday (that would be this Wednesday for everyone keeping score at home) so my traditional “biggest steak in the burgh” meal won’t be happening. I hate, yes HATE, fish (but yet i eat sushi) so that’s not an option. Basically I’m left with eating like a vegan or slamming some pasta. HOWEVER this doesn’t mean that I have to cut out my trip around town for free birthday drinks 🙂 Just leave me at one end of the bar at Fat Heads while I work my way down.
All of the couples we’ve told about birthday week love the idea. It’s something different and unique just between the two of you. My family usually makes some snide comment or try to mock birthday week but fail. No one mocks birthday week and lives. The spirit of birthday week will come in the middle of the night, duct tape your ass shut and feed you Taco Bell or Hormel Chili. I repeat, don’t mock it.

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I am a super genius

This game at Cracker Barrel in Robinson TWP told me so. It wouldn’t lie to me right?

We finished recording a podcast this past Saturday and honestly I can’t remember the last time we ran out of time while I had so much content left to discuss. I’ll have to keep it for our next show or blog about it.  In fact I will blog about one rant I had because I’m still in awe over the whole situation.
We’re expected to get close to a foot of snow over the next 36 hours. I’m placing money that my landlord won’t have anything shoveled until the 16th… of April. God I can’t wait to move.

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goddamn it’s cold!


This was the temp a few days ago as I woke up. yeah negative fokkin 3 outside. It took me 30 minutes to warm up my car yet my landlord doesn’t understand why we need the ice removed from the steps to our parking lot. Hell, we need snow removed. Called his office and the girl said “well we did it last thursday.” Correction, 2 weeks ago today was the last time they came around. I swear that monkeys work at every job where customer service is involved. So, who wants to help us move?

On a side note, according to a post on ErieBlogs.com, WJET reports that Lake Erie is now about 70% ice covered. Almost time to start driving cars across it again! You go first though, I’ll watch. Seriously, people used to do it in the early 1900’s.

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Prep alumni Bob Sanders brings the Super Bowl title back to Erie!


Fellow Erie,PA and Cathedral Prep alumni Bob Sanders (Colts #21) lead the Indy Colts to the Super Bowl 41 title tonight with a 29-17 in over the Chicago Bears. Once again proving that Erie Prep is THE institution to make your boy into a champion man. 3 Super Bowl trophies for Prep grads!
P-R-E-P PREP PREP PREP! Mary Queen of Prep… PRAY FOR US!

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I feel fascination…


I’m sitting here trying to think of what I should call this entry and my mp3 player starts this song. “I Feel Fascination” from Matt Sigmon (GREAT CD! Check out his MySpace page. it has a couple of tracks on it.)

If I could fall then I know I could fly
If I was born I’d be promised to die
If I was bound then I’d hungered to choose
If I had love I’d have something to lose

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this overwhelmed with content. This particular blog will be gone shortly as I restructure my online presence. The main podcast I’m working on right now has been in creative overflow for the last couple of weeks. Not saying that’s a bad thing but there are THAT many new ideas and plans for the future that we, and our bank accounts, can’t keep up. Might be time for a Pay Pal Donate button 🙂 I REALLY wish I could elaborate more but right now you’ll have to sit tight.  Add to that the redesign of the podcast website, getting SCAN on it’s own feet and planning a few new podcasting series… oh and I’m back in college too, so you can see that I have a pretty full schedule. I have to admit though after sitting dormant (not Dormont you jagoff) for years that this is pretty fucking cool.

Oh, yeah, that picture… I haven’t shaved in over a month so I have a spiffy beard going on along with a nice mini-fro under that hat. I’m seeing how long it takes until the wife pins me down and busts out my Norelco.

Anyways, that’s what I have been up to. I promise not to get the straggly hippie hair I had in college some of you may remember. I’ve been horrible at returning non-business calls so those of you who left voice mail I WILL get back to you. Better yet just email me. I’m always online somewhere 🙂


P.S. Everything you can’t find lies plainly between the eyes…

P.P.S. – If there was ever a need to kick someone square in the nuts that wasn’t a politician it would be Mike Seate. Mike is a waste of good ad space in the Trib and this article solidified it for me. More about that later…

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Hey, who left the toilet seat up?

Where, oh where, has the spoon man gone?
Where, oh where, can he be?
With his Pens jersey on
And his bald head all shiney
Where, oh where can he be?

I had a huge blog ready for yinz but 2 minutes ago I deleted it because something new has just happened. Oh yeah this is going to be fun 🙂

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And then it hits you… Death

I had no idea the irony that the last subject heading would bring. Minutes after posting it I received a frantic phone call from my brother. Dad had a massive heart attack after clearing snow and we need to go to the hospital. 16 hours later his life would pass right there in front of the eyes of the doctors, myself, my brother and our mother.

Everything is a cluster fuck so I wouldn’t even take myself seriously. I’m doing my best not to be over dramatic but goddamn this is intense. When all is said and done I’ll sit down and recollect for everyone what’s happened. To those whom have sent us messages and food (and I mean ALOT of food) it is all very much appreciated.
(this would be the overdramatic part) I don’t know what’s going to happen when it’s over. I don’t know if I’ll keep blogging, retire father spoon, stop podcasting for a bit or who knows. My family needs me and I’m focusing my time there.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


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And then it hits you…


you’re married, close to hitting 31 and about to take the plunge into something that most have said I’m crazy for doing.

oh it’s coming… just wait…

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