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Pod/Blogfading into history…

Did ya get the hint yet? almost 3 months of no posting? yup… this place is closed. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped blogging. Aw HELL no.  In fact I’m keeping this one up for archive purposes. If you haven’t figured out where I am yet click here. You’ve waited long enough so here is the story now that it’s finalized with the legal dept.

This blog is fini on this site. Stick a fork in it. The name/domain name is now a part of SCAN. It’s an artists network for podcasters/vidcasters. As soon as the other shows are finish signing, this domain will be the launch pad for those shows. It amazes me at the amount of hits I get at this site until i realized everyone is coming here to swipe my pics of Sidney Crosby.

The podcast I co-host and co-produce has taken off more than I could ever expect.  We were nominated for an 07 Podcast Award, we’re going to start writing for publications and we’ve had interview offers all over North America. oh yeah plus we’ve been mentioned on WDVE twice! Woot! The show is now my main focus now.

So there ya go, see you over at the new site.  it’s time to say goodbye.
fokker… out!

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It’s almost closing time

I’m in the final stages of negotiating the future of this site. The blog as you have come to know it is officially done. Haven’t decided if I’m going to archive the blog on here, just not link to it anymore or what.  Announcement will be coming soon as to what’s going on and I’m pretty excited.

Spazboy… gone.  Sign Ginerator… eh I may keep somewhere. Photo Album… going to be moved. If you have my gmail address you can reach me there. The spoon account is no longer in use so don’t email me there. I’m turning it off. Superunknown.com is growing into something new that I’ve been thinking about for years now. I want to say that the end of July the papers will be signed and new site posted.

Get ready folks… It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.

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Happy Birthday Tina!

Hahaha! Now you’re older than me!

Even though that picture is hazy i still love it.  I took it when we met up for lunch last month. I’d start making comments about the case of beer in her hand that I gave her but that’s just wrong on SO many levels I won’t even start.

Happy birthday Tina! I’ll raise a pint glass for you tonight!

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Belated Memorial Day review

Yup, that’s basically how I spent my holiday. MLB07 The Show and a martini in my hand. It was a perfect 4 days.

Quick overview
Friday: Lushie treated me to lunch at Miyako in Wexford. It used to be one of my favorite Japanese steak and seafood houses in the city but they’ve really gone downhill the last few years when you look at all of the competition that’s come up. Plus side was that the sushi is still good. Lushie went and did her thing while I went to Record Rama to search out some FX cd’s.

Saturday: We watched Bella for Nick and Tara while they were on their honeymoon so what better place to take a 17mo old than to the Strip. She loved all of the attention everyone gave her as we pushed the stroller down Penn. We ended up going to Wholey’s so I could get ribs for the holiday.  We came home and got caught up on Sopranos Season 6 while Bella’s grandparents picked her up.  That evening the martinis started.

Sunday: Cleaned most of the garage up and started organizing things for the move we’ll have coming up soon.  That took most of the day and I cooked on the grill. Had more martinis. Teri came over and the girls had wine. We played music trivia games for awhile before we realized Comcast has karaoke On Demand. Around 2am my neighbor Bill was outside laughing.

Monday: bbq’d my ribs my my homemade sauce and  finished up homework I had for the holiday. Ribs came out decent but I think i know what I need to do next time to make them better.  Plus we need to invest in a heavy duty food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer.

Overall it was a nice holiday and now the insane month of June has begun.

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10 years of superunknown.com goodness

It was 10 years ago today that superunknown.com was purchased and born. To celebrate I’ll offer the history of his domain as my foggy memory remembers it.

In the beginning… I had just finished my 2nd yr at Pitt (may 1996-ish) and decided I needed to make some cash if I was going to go back. I worked odd jobs around Erie until the fall of 96. I ran an indoor carousel. I was an usher at the brand new Tinseltown movie complex and I also did ummm yeah, I think those 2 were it. I was making web pages but mostly for myself or helping others get started. In October of 96 I started as a Business Machines Associate at Staples. In other words I sold computers and anything else you’d plug in. It was through this job that I was able to talk web/internet/computers and get paid for it.

One of my favorite customers was a real estate agent who would come to me for tips on how to establish an online presence. In 96-97 it was unheard of for a realtor to have websites with pictures and tours of units unlike today. After awhile I got thinking, why don’t I have a web domain? On June 4th 1997 I went through Erie Net (pricks) who were my original hosts and paid a cool $100 to own the domain for 2 years. Now I pay about ohhhh $10 a year. I wanted my own place to direct people that didn’t involve a ~ in the url and said something about me.

the name… if you don’t know it already you’re gonna slap yourself after reading this and go “oh yeahhhhhh”. Coming up with a name was actually quite easy because back then just about everything was available. So to put to rest any questions here you go. Superunknown is the name of an album/cd from the group Soundgarden. Track 8 on the cd is Spoonman. I’ll give you a few to make the connection. I was given the nickname spoon from Griff in college when “spoonman” came on and I wailed out the drum beat on his desk.
Now more people call me spoon than my real name which I still get a kick out of.

Enter the mayhem… One thing I didn’t expect was that this site would become an online journal. Call it what you want but I was blogging in 1997. It was the addition of a webcam in late 97 that people started to get sucked in. For some reason people would tune in to watch me chat and hang out with friends. Why? It was new! Now everyone has a cam and unless you’re getting laid online or having someone strip no one really cares to watch.

In December of 1998 I finally packed up the U-haul and headed to Pittsburgh to work as an web intern for a networking company. There was no schooling or anything back home that could prepare me for what was about to happen.

Know what. I’m stopping right there. The rest of the details about my life in Pittsburgh should wait for my 10yr of living here. I will finish up how superunknown evolved though.

As a web intern I was exposed to MANY different styles of design. I learned the do’s and dont’s of good design. Superunknown Creations was born. SC became a playing ground for me to test new code, designs and ideas along with input from friends. Eventually it turned into “What can Griff and I design before we finish a box of wine?” Different sections faded in/out from poetry, message boards, forums, drunken stories, pictures, webcams, and a tribute to the UPT Swim Team. It wasn’t until 2004 when I started using WordPress as a publishing tool that everything seemed to click into what you see now.

Here and now… I’ve thought about selling this domain. I never use the email accounts since they’re swamped with spam so I stick with my gmail account. Honestly, podcasting has consumed so much of my time I rarely get a break to write on here but this place is where it all started for me. A lot has happened in the last 10 years. I was 21, living every night at the Shaggy Dog while hanging with friends, drinking cheap beer and living paycheck to paycheck. Now I’m 31, married, a responsible (yeah go head and laugh) adult with a good career, great friends, I’m back in school and ummm oh yeah, and an appreciation for craft beer and love to cook. I’ve grow up right along with this site for the last 10 years.

I do have plans for this site and a few others I’m developing. SC won’t be going away anytime soon but I do plan on a facelift. Ok, after I finish revamping the podcast first. I found a ton of pics from when I first moved to Oakland that I may put up so we’ll see. Oh and that SCAN thing is going away. It may come back but for right now I’ve got other things to work on. If anyone has old pics from the last 10 years they want to send me leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.
Until then kiddies, it’s been a blast and thanks for 10 great years!

If you’d like to see screenshots of how Superunknown has progressed then check out http://web.archive.org and enter superunknown.com

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Guess who has a birthday coming up

Someone is turning 10 on Monday.  Can you guess who it is?

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Congrats Tina!


Tina graduated from Mercyhurst College on May 19th with a degree in Biology. She now has 2 more years at LECOM before she can legally give me some great drugs as a pharmacist.  Most people don’t know this but she was the inspiration (kick in the ass) for me to go back to college and finish my degree (she won’t let me live that down I’m sure). Single mother of 2 going to school full time (to be a pharmacist too!) and working to support a family. I don’t know how the hell she does it without killing everyone. I know, it’s my kick ass support 🙂 I’m proud of ya!
Memorial Day update coming up next…

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Why it feels like someone punched me in the back of the head

I better make sure my insurance is up to date. Wednesday I could be crying like a little girl (or a member of Yinzer nation) from this migraine. Lushie is supposed to be bringing me some meds to help ease the pain that isn’t beer related. Where’s the fun in that!

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WTF is with whiney sensitive Pittsburgh athletes lately?

I really should consider making this a section of this blog. This morning I’m reading the Trib and see this gem from Pirates pitcher Ian Snell.

Ian, as paying fans of this form of entertainment we reserve every right to boo. After 14 CONSECUTIVE losing seasons we have that right. When a guy is paid 3.2 MILLION dollars for one year and his batting .179 we have a right to boo. The team is currently 4 games under .500 and 7.5 out of first. We have a right to boo.

“That puts stress on us too”. Ian, when did ballplayers become emotional foo foo balls of feelings? Suck it up big guy. There are plenty of us making a hella lot less than you guys with way more stressful jobs. maybe this is the problem with the Pirates. They’re too goddamn sensitive. Maybe you and Faneca should go spend some time crying together in a corner while sipping some tea and talking about your feelings.

You’re a decent pitcher. Please tell me you have a stronger head than this.

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Alan Faneca is the K-fed of the NFL

Alan Faneca crybaby Kevin Federline


That link above is to a news story on the whining Alan Faneca of the Steelers has been doing lately. There is also a video titled “Faneca Speaks Out, Not Happy With Steelers” you should watch.

Alan, you’re a fucking professional athlete. Shut the fuck up when it comes to money. Oh waaaa how will you survive making MILLIONS of dollars a year. Know what, if you’re so miserable fucking leave. I’m tired of any whining that a professional athlete makes. You’re paid to play a game. A friggin GAME for christ sake and now you have the audacity to whine you need more money. All you’re doing is causing problems for everyone else. Kinda funny that the Steelers apparently ditched Joey Porter because the front office felt he might upset the new coach in dealing with his contact. Now look at the mess.

It’s like when Britney Spears married that Jason Alexander kid, 55 hours later got divorced and then married K-fed.  Alan Faneca, you ARE Kevin Federline.
BTW, if anyone has failed to notice, WE DON’T NEED 24/7 COVERAGE IN MAY OF TRAINING CAMP. Last year whatever, they won the Superbowl but this year? come on now yinzers, get with it.

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Roadtrippin to Erie for dad’s bday


Yesterday would have been my dad’s 73rd birthday. I drove up to Erie yesterday morning so I could visit the cemetery. Picked up a pack of Dutch Masters at Country Fair and headed up after lunch with Tina (more on that later this week). It was a bit chilly and  raining most of the day but once I pulled up the sky turned blue and the rain stopped.  Trippy eh? Walked over to the grave and had a cigar with dad as we always did before. Stayed for about 15 minutes and then didn’t really feel like staying in Erie after I was done so I headed back.

I’ll have more on the weekend later.  It was a umm rather interesting time and with Lushie out of town you know I didn’t sit around 🙂

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I’ve got spidey numb ass after yesterday…


Lushie and I went to go see Spiderman 3 yesterday and make a day of it down at the Waterfront. First off I just want to add that it’s been awhile since we’ve gone to the movies but I really wanted to see this. (I’ve been psyched for this summer because of Spiderman 3, Transformers, Simpsons and Fantastic 4). We caught a matinee and figured we’d do dinner and shop afterwards. Maybe it’s me but people seem to have forgotten movie theater etiquette. Cell phones were going off, people were eating like cows, some guy with a whole ring of keys like a custodian kept getting up and walking around, kids were yapping and the parents just sat there.  For the next 2 hours and 20 minutes (well almost 3 hours when you consider the commercials, and previews) this went on and when the closing credits started it was a mad rush out because in Pittsburgh people have the “you gotta beat the traffic” mentality.

The movie itself was decent but I could never sit through it again unless I’m on my couch. It took WAY to long to tell the story and honestly there was a good 40 minutes that could have been cut out. They were able to tell a love story and still have action the first two times without putting us to sleep. Seriously, Lushie fell asleep because the love story was THAT boring.

Now the  good part.  The animation and effects were spec-fuckin-tacular! Some action sequences were a little difficult to follow because it was so fast paced but goddamn overall it was great!  I was really skeptical about Topher Grace playing anything besides a comedy role but he nailed this one. He pulled off being a vengeful prick and Venom. The Sandman effects were very well done also.

Movie ended and we went to Rock Bottom for some dinner and beers. The food was excellent but I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the beers at all. We picked up a sampler since it’s been awhile for me there. Most were watered down and/or had a stale aftertaste. As Lushie said “This is worse than Beast Ice”. I did get a full mug of the Anniversary Alt which was rather boring. Service was top notch though.

That was our day in a nutshell. It was in the 60’s, sky was blue and we had a good time at the Waterfront. Next time though I’m coming in 837 because with the construction on Parkway East and the Homestead bridge traffic patterns were all screwed up and of course no one pays attention to signs 🙂

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No smoking! wait, now you can.. NO! wait… ok you can again

Post Gazette – County’s smoking ban halted by court
Make up your mind. The smoking ban that is trying to be pushed upon the public here in Allegheny county is a fucking joke. First it was no smoking in public areas, then it was no smoking within 5 ft of a door, finally it became no smoking if your bar/restaurant has more than 10 employees and makes “X” amount in food sales and files for an exemption. Law went into effect Tuesday at midnight and lasted for a whole 16 or so hours before… it’s being appealed and you know what i’m glad it is.

The smoking ban is bullshit. A small group of “Causeheads” cry that it’s unhealthy, they shouldn’t have to be subjected to smoke in restaurants/bars, they have the rights to healthy dining! they’re right, they do so know what the answer is? Go to those places with a “healthy” environment already established and stay away from everyone else. Plain and simple. Oh you shouldn’t have to put up with smoke, ya know what… you do. If you want to go to that place, deal with it or don’t go. I’m sure your new found business to these places will make THAT much difference if they make money. Odds have it you’re such a prude that they don’t want you anyways.

Here’s my stance on it. The govt. nor the public have any right to control if an establishment allows smoking or not. It is up to the PRIVATE owner of the establishment. If you buy into a franchise you adhere to their rules. If you open up YOUR own business you have the right to decide if you go smoke free or not. That is your RIGHT as a business. Worried about the workers? They know going into the job if it’s a smokey environment.

This whole bullshit of extreme sensitivity of a small few needs to end now.

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Quite possibly the best lip sync ever

[vimeo 173714]
Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger on Vimeo

Thanks to Tasty Blog Snack for passing this along.

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Fastest text message bothers me

click here for the story

and I’m trying to figure out why. By the time I’m done writing this I’ll probably answer my own question so lets see what happens.

13 yr old Pennsylvanian Morgan Pozgar spelled out “Supercalifragilisticexpialidoucious” the fastest and won 25k. The fact that a kid won doesn’t bother me, it’s the effect that text messaging has had on butchering the English language. Yeah kids have been speaking in codes for years but this line from a British release is what disturbed me even more “Morgan said she trained by sending on average 8,000 text messages a month to her friends and family – which works out at one every five and a half minutes!” 8000 messages! holy fucking shit! I admit that I send out a decent amount but 8000! Christ I can’t fathom that many. Think about it though, kids today are becoming drones to technology. Hey I love technology and it’s a part of my life but goddamn learn to disconnect. I work 8-10 hours a day online, come home to do online schooling and chat with some friends for a few hours but I also know when you need to turn the damn things off and take a break. In a time when it seems every parent thinks their kid needs coddled or sheltered because of some emotional side effect of real life, they’re adding to the mental demise and dependability on others by allowing this to get out of hand.

Ipods are another thing. I don’t own an ipod or any mp3 device (funny since I’m a podcaster eh?) and everytime i see people walking around with those in their ears I want to smack them. There’s a time and a place for everything. My wife and I went to the store yesterday to get some brats for the grill and saw a couple of teens walking around like zombies with the ipods on and sending messages. wtf. Now to sound like an old person, back in the day my parents would always say that TV was rotting my mind by watching it. Now in it’s place ipods, text messaging and the internet have taken it’s place at a more dramatic level.

Technology and the New Media are tools that will make life more enjoyable but don’t forget that once in awhile you need to unplug and take time for yourself… or you will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile.

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