Pod/Blogfading into history…

Did ya get the hint yet? almost 3 months of no posting? yup… this place is closed. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped blogging. Aw HELL no.  In fact I’m keeping this one up for archive purposes. If you haven’t figured out where I am yet click here. You’ve waited long enough so here is the story now that it’s finalized with the legal dept.

This blog is fini on this site. Stick a fork in it. The name/domain name is now a part of SCAN. It’s an artists network for podcasters/vidcasters. As soon as the other shows are finish signing, this domain will be the launch pad for those shows. It amazes me at the amount of hits I get at this site until i realized everyone is coming here to swipe my pics of Sidney Crosby.

The podcast I co-host and co-produce has taken off more than I could ever expect.  We were nominated for an 07 Podcast Award, we’re going to start writing for publications and we’ve had interview offers all over North America. oh yeah plus we’ve been mentioned on WDVE twice! Woot! The show is now my main focus now.

So there ya go, see you over at the new site.  it’s time to say goodbye.
fokker… out!

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