Belated Memorial Day review

Yup, that’s basically how I spent my holiday. MLB07 The Show and a martini in my hand. It was a perfect 4 days.

Quick overview
Friday: Lushie treated me to lunch at Miyako in Wexford. It used to be one of my favorite Japanese steak and seafood houses in the city but they’ve really gone downhill the last few years when you look at all of the competition that’s come up. Plus side was that the sushi is still good. Lushie went and did her thing while I went to Record Rama to search out some FX cd’s.

Saturday: We watched Bella for Nick and Tara while they were on their honeymoon so what better place to take a 17mo old than to the Strip. She loved all of the attention everyone gave her as we pushed the stroller down Penn. We ended up going to Wholey’s so I could get ribs for the holiday.  We came home and got caught up on Sopranos Season 6 while Bella’s grandparents picked her up.  That evening the martinis started.

Sunday: Cleaned most of the garage up and started organizing things for the move we’ll have coming up soon.  That took most of the day and I cooked on the grill. Had more martinis. Teri came over and the girls had wine. We played music trivia games for awhile before we realized Comcast has karaoke On Demand. Around 2am my neighbor Bill was outside laughing.

Monday: bbq’d my ribs my my homemade sauce and  finished up homework I had for the holiday. Ribs came out decent but I think i know what I need to do next time to make them better.  Plus we need to invest in a heavy duty food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer.

Overall it was a nice holiday and now the insane month of June has begun.

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