WTF is with whiney sensitive Pittsburgh athletes lately?

I really should consider making this a section of this blog. This morning I’m reading the Trib and see this gem from Pirates pitcher Ian Snell.

Ian, as paying fans of this form of entertainment we reserve every right to boo. After 14 CONSECUTIVE losing seasons we have that right. When a guy is paid 3.2 MILLION dollars for one year and his batting .179 we have a right to boo. The team is currently 4 games under .500 and 7.5 out of first. We have a right to boo.

“That puts stress on us too”. Ian, when did ballplayers become emotional foo foo balls of feelings? Suck it up big guy. There are plenty of us making a hella lot less than you guys with way more stressful jobs. maybe this is the problem with the Pirates. They’re too goddamn sensitive. Maybe you and Faneca should go spend some time crying together in a corner while sipping some tea and talking about your feelings.

You’re a decent pitcher. Please tell me you have a stronger head than this.

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2 Responses to WTF is with whiney sensitive Pittsburgh athletes lately?

  1. Clarke says:

    You want the booing to stop? Stop going 1 for 4 one night, and 0 for 4 the next. Oh, and if you think it’s stressful in steeltown, try playing in the Bronx.

    Baseball players. I’ve never seen a bigger group of whiners in my life. Do they need to be reminded that they’re paid to entertain us?

  2. spoon says:

    now Clarke you know we can’t do that. It would smash their fragile little confidence. Millionaires need to be coddled.

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