Alan Faneca is the K-fed of the NFL

Alan Faneca crybaby Kevin Federline

That link above is to a news story on the whining Alan Faneca of the Steelers has been doing lately. There is also a video titled “Faneca Speaks Out, Not Happy With Steelers” you should watch.

Alan, you’re a fucking professional athlete. Shut the fuck up when it comes to money. Oh waaaa how will you survive making MILLIONS of dollars a year. Know what, if you’re so miserable fucking leave. I’m tired of any whining that a professional athlete makes. You’re paid to play a game. A friggin GAME for christ sake and now you have the audacity to whine you need more money. All you’re doing is causing problems for everyone else. Kinda funny that the Steelers apparently ditched Joey Porter because the front office felt he might upset the new coach in dealing with his contact. Now look at the mess.

It’s like when Britney Spears married that Jason Alexander kid, 55 hours later got divorced and then married K-fed.  Alan Faneca, you ARE Kevin Federline.
BTW, if anyone has failed to notice, WE DON’T NEED 24/7 COVERAGE IN MAY OF TRAINING CAMP. Last year whatever, they won the Superbowl but this year? come on now yinzers, get with it.

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