No smoking! wait, now you can.. NO! wait… ok you can again

Post Gazette – County’s smoking ban halted by court
Make up your mind. The smoking ban that is trying to be pushed upon the public here in Allegheny county is a fucking joke. First it was no smoking in public areas, then it was no smoking within 5 ft of a door, finally it became no smoking if your bar/restaurant has more than 10 employees and makes “X” amount in food sales and files for an exemption. Law went into effect Tuesday at midnight and lasted for a whole 16 or so hours before… it’s being appealed and you know what i’m glad it is.

The smoking ban is bullshit. A small group of “Causeheads” cry that it’s unhealthy, they shouldn’t have to be subjected to smoke in restaurants/bars, they have the rights to healthy dining! they’re right, they do so know what the answer is? Go to those places with a “healthy” environment already established and stay away from everyone else. Plain and simple. Oh you shouldn’t have to put up with smoke, ya know what… you do. If you want to go to that place, deal with it or don’t go. I’m sure your new found business to these places will make THAT much difference if they make money. Odds have it you’re such a prude that they don’t want you anyways.

Here’s my stance on it. The govt. nor the public have any right to control if an establishment allows smoking or not. It is up to the PRIVATE owner of the establishment. If you buy into a franchise you adhere to their rules. If you open up YOUR own business you have the right to decide if you go smoke free or not. That is your RIGHT as a business. Worried about the workers? They know going into the job if it’s a smokey environment.

This whole bullshit of extreme sensitivity of a small few needs to end now.

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2 Responses to No smoking! wait, now you can.. NO! wait… ok you can again

  1. Stoosh says:

    How far are we from the day when McDonalds – or any restaurant in particular, for that matter – is told to start refusing service to those who are deemed by some standard or another to be too large for their own good?

    Is that any different than the crux behind this attempted ordinance? Me thinks not. I’m not even a smoker, and I hope like hell that every appeals court along the way shoots this thing full of more holes than a piece of Romaine swiss cheese.

  2. spoon says:

    Amen stoosh! In our uber sensitive world today I’m just waiting for the next extreme “ban for your own good” to come down.

    Alcohol will be next… just wait.

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