It’s 32F and Pirates home opener… let’s tailgate!

A nice frothy morning here in Pittsburgh PA but that won’t stop us from heading to PNC Park for the Pirates home opener. I may try to get into the Club 3000 to see if they held true to the word of supplying quality craft beer. I think Sister Lushie is still upstairs reading the paper so I’ll have to get her ass moving. Pre-game festivities start at 12:45 so I’ll have plenty of time to get some batteries for the camera.  Pirates are 4-2 and the Pens are in the playoffs. Go ahead and say it… Hell has frozen over.

I’ve had alot of time to reflect over the last extended weekend. Since the demise of Text America I’ve rarely moblogged but I’m starting to re-connect with some of those guys on Flickr so I’m going to revamp my Flickr page and get back into it. Moblogging is addicting 🙂

Post season playoff hockey is about to start for my beloved Penguins for the first time since the 00-01 season and Lushie is hating it already. Why? Playoff beard. I figure if the players are going to do it why can’t I? I told her that I’m not shaving my head or newly started beard until the Pens are eliminated. She also added last night “I don’t think I can deal with you if the Pens win the Cup.”  Honestly, I’ll probably have to sleep in the guest room 🙂

Amazingly the 1yr anniversary of our podcast is coming up. We spent most of the weekend recording video to make a recap for everyone and throw in some not-seen-before clips that we found recently.  I’m *still* working on the redesign of the site and plan on it being done in a few weeks. We shall see.

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  1. Mindy says:

    Hey at least the bed in the guest bedroom is comfy!You better be out of the room before me and mert come to Pittsburgh!!!!

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