April 1st chaps my arse

April Fools Day has turned into a showcase of the stupidity in society. You’d think that on the ONE day a year people would be extra cautious pranks would be foiled. Hell naw! I appreciate the creativity of Google Paper, Google TiSP and even the Think Geek page which has become a tradition of sorts for these companies to poke some fun.

Yesterday I was reading through bulletins on MySpace and a few newsgroups that I subscribe to. Most users were posting blatantly obvious fiction to see who would bite and sure as shit, people bought it. Even after there were notes “keep in mind today is April 1st” people still freaked out. I was thinking this all but reconfirmed my belief that you should have a license to surf the web… then I think of the jackasses that drive cars around Pittsburgh and figure that it’s pointless.

Seriously, when did we get all of these idiots online.  I blame Gonchar.

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