sucking and blowing… oh my!

Sucking: Why do I let myself get sucked into NCAA pools each year? I hate basketball and I mean HATE with a passion so I think it has to do with friendly competition between friends… ok and bragging right. I’m not Marty McFly when someone calls him chicken but to me all of this comes down to luck. As I post this I’m tied for first in the Pittsburgh Celebrity Blogger NCAA Pool. yeah, me… the guy who knows nothing about the sport. I caved in for this one because 1) I know some of these people personally and figured we could get a good laugh about it later. 2) being listed as a celebrity blogger warms the cockels of my heart 3) Andrew Stockey is my bitch! Ok, unless I see him face to face then he’s a very nice gentleman. But behind this keyboard… YOU MY BITCH!

So what happens? I’m checking scores ALL the time and asking people about their picks. See… SUCKING

Blowing: Today in picturesque southwestern PA we are experiencing an obviously drunk Mother Nature today. I’m not giving numbers of temperatures because that’s just bullshit when you factor in wind chill, moisture and all that other crap. I’m talking about me walking outside and passing judgment. When I went outside this morning to get the morning paper there was some bite in the air but not something that a sweatshirt couldn’t fix. 9:30am it started sleeting. For those unfamiliar with sleet image driving through a snowcone. It’s now 1:10pm and it’s snowing. Wait, there’s more! Ice is about to pass over followed by rain and then more snow. Just a recap – sleet, snow, ice, rain, ice. With the temps holding in the mid to high TWENTIES this will mean only one thing to me. Getting to the Pens game tonight is going to SUCK. Granted I could just stay home, get a case of beer, watch it on TV and chat online but nooooooo, I have to get the free hat promotion because spoon loves free shit.

Sucking and Blowing: That would be me for not posting about the Pens getting the arena deal done. Honestly, if you know me you know I’m friggin on cloud nine and I have a reason not to look elsewhere to raise my family. Seriously, I would have had no problems picking up and leaving. My only beef is that Rendell is a cockknocker and almost blew the whole deal. It would never have gone this far if it was Philadelphia. Comment all you want but the man is that chain smoking, divorced, swindling car dealer who has a vehicle you can’t resist.

P.S. the DFH video is ready and will be published tomorrow (tonight at midnight if I’m awake). Hope you’re subscribed!

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