oh ok, i’ll throw you a bone

I know I know… what’s with the lack of progress on here. Trust me it’s not lack of motivation or content, it’s lack of free time. Between work, school (did I mention I’m back in college?), that whole SCAN thing I’m trying to organize and the podcast growing into a beast all it’s own I’ve left my baby alone. Yeah I hear ya, whine whine whine. We have a video launch this weekend for St Patty’s Day that we’re busting our asses to finish. It’s the first one I’ve assisted in the editing so I’m geekin about it and, as usual, am being overly critical about detail. I don’t know anyone else with this complex in my family so who knows where i get it from. Maybe it’s missing so often I feel the need to assume the role.

anyways… cheers! I have some Erie Railbender chillin in my fridge. It may be me but it doesn’t taste as good as it did when I lived in Erie.

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