Birthday Week!

My wife introduced me to birthday week a few years ago and I’m rather thankful she did. Quick overview, for 7 days (the 7th being your birthday) you receive presents/cards from your significant other. They’re not big gifts but just little things that might be inside jokes for the 2 of you or just cards saying “hey, I give a shit”. I luck out every year because my birthday week starts on Valentine’s day. Unfortunately this year my birthday falls on Ash Wednesday (that would be this Wednesday for everyone keeping score at home) so my traditional “biggest steak in the burgh” meal won’t be happening. I hate, yes HATE, fish (but yet i eat sushi) so that’s not an option. Basically I’m left with eating like a vegan or slamming some pasta. HOWEVER this doesn’t mean that I have to cut out my trip around town for free birthday drinks 🙂 Just leave me at one end of the bar at Fat Heads while I work my way down.
All of the couples we’ve told about birthday week love the idea. It’s something different and unique just between the two of you. My family usually makes some snide comment or try to mock birthday week but fail. No one mocks birthday week and lives. The spirit of birthday week will come in the middle of the night, duct tape your ass shut and feed you Taco Bell or Hormel Chili. I repeat, don’t mock it.

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