I feel fascination…


I’m sitting here trying to think of what I should call this entry and my mp3 player starts this song. “I Feel Fascination” from Matt Sigmon (GREAT CD! Check out his MySpace page. it has a couple of tracks on it.)

If I could fall then I know I could fly
If I was born I’d be promised to die
If I was bound then I’d hungered to choose
If I had love I’d have something to lose

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this overwhelmed with content. This particular blog will be gone shortly as I restructure my online presence. The main podcast I’m working on right now has been in creative overflow for the last couple of weeks. Not saying that’s a bad thing but there are THAT many new ideas and plans for the future that we, and our bank accounts, can’t keep up. Might be time for a Pay Pal Donate button 🙂 I REALLY wish I could elaborate more but right now you’ll have to sit tight.  Add to that the redesign of the podcast website, getting SCAN on it’s own feet and planning a few new podcasting series… oh and I’m back in college too, so you can see that I have a pretty full schedule. I have to admit though after sitting dormant (not Dormont you jagoff) for years that this is pretty fucking cool.

Oh, yeah, that picture… I haven’t shaved in over a month so I have a spiffy beard going on along with a nice mini-fro under that hat. I’m seeing how long it takes until the wife pins me down and busts out my Norelco.

Anyways, that’s what I have been up to. I promise not to get the straggly hippie hair I had in college some of you may remember. I’ve been horrible at returning non-business calls so those of you who left voice mail I WILL get back to you. Better yet just email me. I’m always online somewhere 🙂


P.S. Everything you can’t find lies plainly between the eyes…

P.P.S. – If there was ever a need to kick someone square in the nuts that wasn’t a politician it would be Mike Seate. Mike is a waste of good ad space in the Trib and this article solidified it for me. More about that later…

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