It’s summer! No wait.. it’s winter! Wait.. ummm aw hell.


The image above is from on the forecast for today. When I woke up and stepped outside to pick up the morning paper at 6am it was already 60F. I turn on the KDKA News and find out that by the time I leave work tonight it will be around freezing.

Will someone please explain to me wtf is going on here? Yeah yeah yeah I know the whole air system and cold front bullshit, I grew up in Erie… we’d have 4 seasons in one day. It’s December. I’m used to a dusting of snow (or as Pittsburghers call it, “Snow day” because no one can friggin drive down here with more than 1/10000000 of an inch on the ground) by now or at least some ice. Hey, I’m not bitching because I’m diggin the warmness but it’s just very odd.

Plus side is that It’ll give me an excuse to stay in this weekend and get some web work done I’ve been putting off for just an occasion like this.  I’ll stop at the state store or beer distributor tonight and pick up something to keep us warm just in case because you never know… I might get snowed in. 🙂


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