Adventures of the Red Tagged Oven


It’s nothing new when my landlord blows off fixing anything at my place or at least use some ghetto method of repair. We’re still waiting on a 3rd repair of the cheap tracks our closet uses (the original order was in December 2004). The first repair to our oven took a year to get a replacement hinge for the door because “I have to order the part.” and now comes the red tag o death.
Pictured above would be my oven. On the 12th of November I came home to cook dinner. Within 5 minutes the Carbon Monoxide detector went off. It was at 45… then 168… then 244.  I turned the oven off, opened my window and left a message with the landlord. We had a late night Monday so we didn’t even use the oven but it didn’t look like anyone came over.

Tuesday we start the oven again and within minutes the levels reached 244! I called the landlord and left another message about the detector, oven and that I was calling the gas company. As expected we were evacuated until the gas company showed up. When the gas man appeared I went upstairs with him. There was a steady level of 11 in the kitchen. He turned on the oven and it spiked above 244. He said that within 2 minutes it would be 1200. He pulled out the red tag and wrote the report.  As he was finishing up my landlord showed up to see what was going on. He actually tired to convince me that he can fix the beat up oven (which still doesn’t close all the way) instead of buying a new one. The gas man laughed at him for trying to talk out of it.  By the end of the night my landlord said he would have a new oven to me Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Wednesday the delivery company calls me. They wont be there until Saturday because “your neighbor is getting a dishwasher that day also so we’ll do both.” I explain that I’ve been red tagged and dont have much food I can prepare without an oven. The reply “Yeah but they NEED a dishwasher!”. I call the landlord and hear the SAME thing. He actually could not understand why my NEED for an oven takes priority over the new tenants fucking dishwasher. I said “So you’re telling me that because they’re too damn lazy to wash dishes in the sink I have to wait 3 more days for an oven to eat from.” He said “yeah but they NEED a dishwasher!” Maybe it’s me but can someone explain this reasoning to me?

Well our oven finally did arrive on Saturday… after the dishwasher was delivered.

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