site update. you can blame Podcamp Pittsburgh

I attended Podcamp Pittsburgh this past weekend and needless to say, the way I look at blogging and podcasting has changed forever. I’ll write an overall review of the weekend soon but mmmmm yeah, I have a whole new strategy and I must say it was as if someone poked me with the creative jab. You’re going to see changes. BIG changes (aren’t they all when we dream). I don’t think I’ve had these many ideas since I started this site back in 97. This is gonna be fun. I hope you can put up with me for the ride.

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3 Responses to site update. you can blame Podcamp Pittsburgh

  1. Glad to hear it! That’s the reason we wanted to have this giant group conversation in the first place! Thanks for attending, and keep us all apprised of your successes as your story evolves.

    See you at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 in 6 months?

  2. spoon says:

    oh you know it! I’ll be in contact shortly.

  3. Kurt Johnson says:

    Where are all these changes I’ve heard so much about? What’s the hold up? C’mon partner, let’s get it together!

    Looking forward to it Spoon- Cheers buddy,

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