Caption this…

1) I’d look terrified if my dad has to work at Wal Mart now too.
2) Daddy just lost his job so now we can only afford one mansion.
3) Kids, we just enrolled you at Penn Hills.
4) Live in the 50’s, dress like the 50’s, preach like the 50’s… 2006 is gonna be a bitch.
5) We have to talk to REAL people now? like girls and everything WITHOUT IM and myspace? r u m or f?
6) Honey you’re the breadwinner now. I’m going to sit down with some Zima and get wild.

I can’t stop laughing at this picture. I’d throw some Melissa hart up there but then I’d piss myself.

I did have the option to write in but didn’t. Though it would have been cool to see that I received %.0000001 of the vote. Voting was a mess where i went to. No organization and the “new fangled machines” confused the old folk working. Hrm, maybe i did end up voting for myself. Not everyone I voted for won but eh, it happens. Doth Dems and repubs got some love from me.

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