Can’t I write myself in and be done with it?

For the first time in any election since class president during high school I have absolutely no idea who I’m voting for this evening. My father would say it simply “vote your party, it’s not hard.” It is when your candidates suck ass. I’m registered democrat (not shocking since I’m from Erie) and I must say my options really blow in 06.

PA Senator
We have (D)Bob Casey who has to be the worst public speaker I’ve ever seen on TV, lives off daddy’s name and dances around questions… but he’s the lesser of 2 evils when running against (R)Rick Santorum who can’t seem to get out of a 1950’s mentality. Plus Rick is the most arrogant assclown I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Seriously, watch video of him. He’s oozing of cock.. iness. The ads these two “paid for and support” were the dirtiest Pennsylvania has seen. Rick, you went too far and dug your own grave. How could you not see you were pissing people off. Oh wait that’s right you live in Virginia. My bad.

PA Governor
(R)Lynn Swann (Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Famer) vs (D)Ed Rendell (Former Philly mayor and resident piece of shit). Lynn, you had this one in the bag buddy! All you had to do to get rid of the governor very few people wanted to keep around was open your mouth and say where you stand on issues and what you’ll do. That was it! How did you fuck this up? UGH! As much as Ed makes me want to hurl at the sight of him I cant justify voting for you if you don’t speak. You said what you need to do but not HOW you’re going to do it. Swanny baby, don’t force me to pick the guy that could pass for the chain smoking car salesman in the used car lot. Ed you wanna know where you fucked up? Pittsburgh slots. This picture explains it all.

District 4 PA Congress Rep
(R)Melissa Hart v (D)Jason Altmire. Here’s another case of poor judgment when selecting ads. Melissa is a whiner. Everytime I see her she whines. Watch her commercials and she whines. She sleeps… she whines. Once Santorum is out of office who will she have left to suck ass from? She annoys the everliving shit out of me. I have met her also and yup, same experience as Santorum. They’re a package deal. Jason, eh, don’t know much about him besides the fact he looks like Mike Myers from SNL.

So as you can see I have a lot of issues going into tonight’s voting but apparently not as much as the new electronic voting machines.

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