How soon till YOU jump off a bridge?


editor’s note: I have to say this first before I rant. I am a Steelers fan. Always have been and always will. I am not a member of Yinzer Nation. Those are the people so obsessed with the Steelers that life cannot function with them. They are the ones I hate, not the team. There is a difference…

The Steelers inpact on the emotioal stability of this city is comedic look into why there are so many fucking morons in Pittsburgh, why so many people hate yinzers and why southwestern PA can’t shake the image. The Steelers win and you’d feel as though you just walked into OZ. The sun is shining, birds are chirping (usually someone’s wet fanbelt on their 79 Bonneville) and people walk hand in hand smiling (and probably still drunk from the day before). On the other hand if the Steelers lose… a few people will jump off bridges (thin that herd!) and a depression sets in as though you lost a loved one and your physically impacted for the next week. If it was up to me I’d charge $5 and push you into the river myself.

Why do I find this a big ole knee slapper? 1st and goal on the one… nothing to show for it. Ben “The golden Boy Savior of all that’s Holy” Roethlissssomething rushing to the end zone less than 10 yards away and with a lead blocker… throws a pass to Holmes in double coverage. I couldn’t take watching this high school team play after that so I carved our pumpkin.

Steeler die-hards… Yinzer Nation… take note. Your season is over. buh-bye! I have extreme hatred for Yinzer Nation and knowing that the defending Super Bowl champs have fallen down to the level of the Browns puts a smile on my face for the last 4 years of jokes and mud kicked on us Penguins fans. Now I realize that no matter who you blow in this town, the Steelers news will always trump the Pens, assassination of a government official and the cure for cancer but only if you read the PG. I don’t know if the Trib has changed up their roster but I’m finding more Pens coverage during the week and it’s not even written by Karen Price. When I open the sports page every morning I know that I’ll have at least 2-3 pages of hockey to read.

Slowly this town will have to accept the fact that the best team in this town is in fact the Penguins and that the precious Steelers may even have a winning percentage lower than the 14-season losing Pittsburgh Pirates. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails.

So long, farewell… come to the Arena and catch a hockey game but try to do so before the playoffs because lord knows we dont need to hear you bitch that you can’t get tickets.

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