Back from Niagara Falls!

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Lushie and I traveled to the Great White North for our 1st wedding anniversary this past weekend. Very cold, very wet and very fun.  I wont bore you with details but a few quick things I learned.

01) Candaians have no sense of distance. We were told to go 1 block it would be 4. We were told places were too far to walk and we’d do it in 5 minutes. 10 minutes Canadian is apparently 30 minutes American.
02) Pedestians dont care about traffic signals or, in fact, traffic. They cross the road and dont “look both ways before crossing” which is why I almost played Driver for real life.
03) Canadian currency needs to move to a bill format for $1 and $2. I had way too much jingle jangle in my pockets
04) Crossing the border is SO much easier with a passport.
05) Canadains tax you for breathing. That is the only way to explain how much extra we were paying. 14% chaps my ass!
06) Yes I get to see Sidney Crosby play at least 25 times a season. Yes I am fortunate and yes you suck for not having the same chance.
07) Casinos suck. I really didnt see the point. Now I know why only mindless drones flock to it.  You put in money and hit a button. That’s it. Good lord I should have just flushed quarters down my toilet. Don’t anyone ask me to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble unless it’s open bar.
08) Beer selection sucks. I wanted to cry. I made it a Bombay Sapphire weekend instead.
09) Wind Burn. You ride the Maid of the Mist, you will get this.
10) They have the power to turn the Falls off.  I want to be there when this happens next time. I bet we’ll find MOOK painted on the rocks.

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  1. Stoosh says:

    #6 was terrific. I’ve talked to some Canadians (Guelph and Windsor, ON mostly) in my dealings with work, and when I tell them I’m from Pittsburgh, they always ask if I’m a hockey fan. Leads to some pretty good conversations.

    And on #7…you need to come out to Vegas with the Stooshes and we’ll change your mind. Not sure what it’s like up in Niagara because I’ve never been to the casinos there. But in Vegas the drinks are free as long as you’re playing (still need to tip the cocktail waitresses, though). The odds are probably better – even on the Strip casinos. And I guarantee the scenery is better.

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