R.I.P. Clarks Radio

As much as I would like to never post again and just leave the pic of Ann Turiano from STBD as top entry I do have to bump her down for this announcement.

Clarks Radio, the 24/7 internet radio station I’ve ran for about 4 years, is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s more of a hardware issue than a personal one. The machine that ran it spewed “Hard Drive Failure Imminent” so I said fuck it and turned it off. Relax I still have all of my bootlegs and whatnot backed up. I will be purchasing a new PC for home shortly and down the road a MAC. I do have a backup machine that I fired up this past weekend but now it’s a case of “Do I really want to do this again?”.

There hasn’t been new Clarks work for me besides the day to day I do so I’ve redirected my focus to podcasting and vidcasting. I figure that since my family did everything possible to keep me out of the field in high school and college (a/v back in the mid90’s) now is my time to get back in. It’s driving my wife nuts because of all the new recording equipment she sees me looking at but it could be worse, I could be snorting coke off a fat midget hooker’s ass.



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