It’s like internet crack… but without the terror of impending death

Something to Be Desired is a web series (or web video series, or webcom, or webisodes, or whatever imprecise descriptor you’d choose to explain us to your friends) that follows a group of deejays at the fictitious WANT FM in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s funny, it’s frank and it’s frustrating — which pretty much sums up life in your mid-20s. And that’s where most of the cast and crew of STBD find themselves.

Ah the glory of the internet and all it’s goodness. My friend Joe IM’d me about this blog from a local named Pitt Girl. Since I’m a blog addict of local yinzers I started reading (funny shit btw, check her out at The Burgh Blog.) and saw an entry for you know you want to act. EVERYBODY does. Here’s your chance.  so I checked it out.  I did some acting in high school and was in the theater club in college so wtf could this hurt. Hey check that out their filming by my section of town but what the hell is IT?

IT, as I came to find out, is Internet Crack. A new addiction for a guy who spends most of his time online. It started with downloading Season 1 and being sucked right in. Was it the womanizing Dean that pissed me off because of the bad name he gives guys enough to turn back in? Maybe it was how much Leo represented “THAT” guy whom everyone knows, wonders why he hasn’t been fired and want to choke. Could be relating to Jack going back home after a year and realizing that being in a larger city opened his eyes to what he left. Orrrrrr it was the roomate from hell in Dierdre living with the innocence of Caroline. Well I just had to know what happened next so I downloaded Season 2. Within 3 days I had watched all 3 seasons and the episodes for Season 4 (which they are in right now). I couldn’t get enough AND this was all done locally. Plus the 6-10 minute format is perfect for the attention span for most people on the net as it is.

Do you know where this desire for drama comes from? That damn 90210melroseplacearronspellingsoulsucking programming of the early-mid 90’s.

I’ve come to love and hate some of the characters all over the course of last weekend whereas last Wednesday I couldn’t have given a rats ass who they were. An added bonus is that I also found out about some businesses around town that I never knew existed (not shocking since I moved here in 98).

Every Monday a new show is released from the ingenious mind of Justin Kownacki and I have something to look forward to on typically and uneventful day. Visit the show’s website for updates, news and casting calls.


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  1. Erik Schark says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out. Glad to know someone’s watching. Stay tuned for our upcoming Halloween episode, a storyline very fitting for the the city that spawned “Night of the Living Dead”…

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