Pittsburgh is filled with clueless drivers and I’ve been stuck behind every one


Tell me if you can see what’s wrong with this picture? Yes that’s right, Mr/Mrs. Impatient SUV driver has to haul ass up the side of the road and then cut you off at the last second almost causing an accident. 90% of the time I drive in Pittsburgh I see moronic driving tendencies like this. This particular image was on I-279 North this morning. Yeah I know I shouldn’t be taking pictures while driving but I was stopped because another such moron as this SUV apparently caused an accident so we had gridlock. Shortly after the SUV I was passed on my right by a car riding the shoulder all the way to the next exit.

It’s this driving that makes me furious while driving. You know the lane is ending 2 miles in advance so you know what, fucking merge. All you’re going to do is cause an accident if you keep going and most likely screw up traffic. When I first moved to Pittsburgh almost 8 years ago my brother told me “Drive up as far as you can on the passing lane and then turn on your signal. Someone will eventually let you in.” Is this mentality something that you learn in a class on “How to be a Yinzer?”

The worst case scenario for this is as soon as you cross Vets Bridge and head towards Liberty Bridge. Lanes split and either you go to Oakland or Liberty. Because everyone is in a rush they fly up and pull the turn signal scam. Funny part of all of this is that if you don’t let someone in THEY get pissed at YOU. I seriously wonder if these drivers realize how fucking stupid they’re being because you know damn well once someone does it to them they flip out. It also doesn’t help that the designer of Pittsburgh interstate system was some brain-dead moron from hell (BDMFH for all you Prep grads). Drive 376 through the Squirrel Hill Tunnels sometime and see what I mean as you close in.

Oh, so my solution for this. Ok, it’s actually my wife’s idea and I laugh every time she does it. We’ve noticed that while driving 279N to wexford (the pic above) that the only people that ever do this are those in high end SUV’s, BMW’s and all the other cars that people with short cummings buy. As soon as she sees someone hauling ass to “get ahead” she’ll pull into the middle of the road if it’s close to the end so the other person doesn’t get by. It’s not just her either. Most of the regulars who drive this stretch of road do the same. It’s kinda like that guy that cuts ppl off and rides your ass for no reason and as soon as he passes you the other cars box him in.

If there was ever to be a series about road rage they should ride with my wife when she drives home. I never believed how many people have their heads up their asses until I rode with her one day. Pittsburgh is filled with clueless drivers and I’ve been stuck behind every one.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Bravo! I here ya. Tampa is hell!

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