Pittsburgh passes smoking ban

Allegheny County Council last night voted overwhelmingly to prohibit smoking in restaurants, bars and other workplaces, moving the legislation into the hands of the chief executive for approval.

Alright here’s my take on this. I dont mind a smoking band in outdoor public places but to enforce in a bar our restaurant is insane. You’re making that choice to go into a bar knowing that there is smoke. You’re not being subjected, you’re making a choice knowing the environment. Bars should have the choice to be either smoking or non smoking. I’m willing to bet the same people that pushed this are the same ones who think all kids deserve trophies even for finishing last and that it’s McDonalds fault you’re overweight.

I’d like to post this little ditty that was posted on a message board I go to:
I am lobbying for a weigh-in law. “All people that are 20% over the government chart for normal weight per height are turned away at all all-you-can-eat smorgasbords and fast-food restaurants.” We are just looking out for your health. Not only are we concerned about the lard that is clogging up fat peoples coronary arteries, we would not want some fatass tripping and crushing a child to death.

Our society is becoming idiotic. I’m moving to Canada and watching hockey.

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  1. Stoosh says:

    I’m not a smoker (outside of the very rare cigar) and I do agree that from time to time, smoke in a bar can be a little overwhelming. But this ban is ridiculous. The fathers of the Constitution warned us against government becoming too big. This is a perfect example of that – legislation enacted by people who only want to use the government to protect us from ourselves. Legislation like this is only destined to take us down a slippery slope that none of us want to be stuck on because no one knows how or when or where the slippery slope will stop. Seriously, what’s next?

    This is no different than the people who try to enact anti-gambling legislation because they believe we need to protect the minority of those who are at risk for gambling problems. That makes perfect sense – let’s keep casinos and gaming illegal for everybody because a tiny fraction of the population can’t exhibit one modicum of self-control (please detect sarcasm).

    People don’t go into a bar to engage in activities that are necessary healthy. They go to drink, they go to smoke and maybe they go to try to get some strange ass, as Vince Vaughn so eloquently put it.

    As I type this, there’s an increasingly good chance that this ban will be overturned because of a provision in the slots licensing law that exempts casinos/slots parlors from the reach of non-smoking legislation. With any hope, this will be overturned on the principle that we don’t need government reaching this far into our lives. We’ve become a nation full of pansies because of legislation like this.

    Not to be critical…

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