Rockstar: SuperBUST

Someone please explain to me how a spaz like Lukas Rossi wins frontman with Supernova. Kinda fitting that this bi-polar fuckstick is paired with a washed up sentimental bassist (Jason), a “no one knew who you were before this show”(Gilby) and a penis monger(Tommy). I can’t believe I watched this show all summer while Brooke Burke, who has NO reason for being on the show (come on, there’s better talent than her out there.), bored us along with her obvious lack of TV personality unless it’s on a beach or dressed like a runway slut, to end up with Lukas fucking Rossi as a winner.

Dave Navarro, you were great with Jane’s Addiction but your eye/ear (whatever) for judging isn’t worthy of a grade school talent show. What the hell were you watching? You are absolutely worthless. You know damn well that there was much better talent but for fear that you might not be able to bang some 17 yr old trailer whore in the audience (who would pirate your music instead of buying it. yeah Dave really.. she would.) and upset her by not supporting Lukas you had to go and give him a verbal blowjob. Go paint your nails Dave while that hack Gilby Clarke blows on them for you. I’d punch you in the throat but then you may come back and slap me. I wouldn’t want to smear your makeup.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been this let down over a show before. Seriously, I’m pissed. I love music and to see this is an insult to anyone with a shred of decency or a taste in music.

Last question: Why was everyone obsessed with Radiohead? Lukas, what you sang was an insult to their music. Choke yourself.

Peace, Love, Gin,

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  1. Amy Lynne says:

    Wow, pretty hardcore post there Spoon! But I have to agree with you – I have never been more let down by a reality show, ever. Lukas, a.k.a. The Lemur King, should NOT have won, and if I hear him say “man” one more time at the end of his sentences, I think I’m gonna throw up. Interesting this is, with all the great talent, it might be a good thing they picked Lukas, because the Supernova songs SUCKED! I’ll be watching for Toby, Dilana and Storm’s future projects.

  2. Stoosh says:

    Gilby Clarke’s only claim to fame was being mistaken for Izzy Stradlin for three years. Clarke replaced Stradlin after Izzy wisely decided to bolt that sinking ship. Clarke was let go from the band right around the time Axl began thinking he was Trent Reznor.

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