Family picnic recap

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The long awaited summer picnic finally came and the food was a huge success. So big in fact that everyone wanted the secret to the brats and bbq sauce. Quite simply… alcohol. The brats were made with Arcadia Ales London Porter and the BBQ sauce with rum. the booze burns off but damn does it give some great taste. In fact, 3lbs of brats were gone in 5 minutes 🙂 So here’s the semi long winded recap.

Friday: The mrs. and I get in around 7pm. We stop at a 6pk shop on Peach Street for some Dogfishhead 60 minute. I always wondered why there isn’t more craft beer in Erie. Easy answer, there were 1.5 coolers with craft beer and 6-8 of Bud/Miller/Coors/PBR products. It’s all about availability. The guy working was a “football beer” drinking college kid. He had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the beers he friggin carries! It was rather disappointing. We left and picked up a Hot n Ready from Little Ceasers and headed to my parents place. Lushie and I start work on dishes for the following day. Lasagna rollups, mac-n-cheese, cupcakes and a few other things. Around midnight dad and I head to the store to get parts for the fishing poles.

Saturday: Rain rain rain and more rain. There’s no way we’re getting a grill started in this weather. We could be screwed. 10am and we arrive at the shelter. Keeps on raining. We help my mom and one of her sisters setup. My first break comes at 10:30 when there’s a slight drizzle. Coals go on and I light… and wait. Holy shit we have a small glow! I start huffin and puffin. We have smoke! The rain picks up and it’s me vs. the rain. I won. By 12:30 the grill was blazing hot and the chicken was already on. People came and everyone ate. Just about everyone came up and thanked me personally for the food and to tell me how much they loved it. Never had I had this happen so I was feelin good. I have to give Lushie credit for the BBQ sauce. She tinkered with that while I worked on the brats. Most of the kids went to the beach with their dad’s and played football while some stayed behind for fishing. Nighttime came and we packed up to head back. Stopped to the 2nd 6pk shop that has the same owner but located on Pittsburgh Ave. Bigger store same results. I wept *haha*

Sunday: Had brunch at my parents house and hung out for awhile after mass. Jumped on 79 and headed south back to Pittsburgh.

Overall it was a fun weekend. A ton of work that paid off. Mom had mentioned this may be the last picnic because of all the work involved so Lushie and I said we could pick up the duties on this since we’re rather experience with successful family gatherings. Now do we move it to Pittsburgh or keep in Erie? Hmmmm either way the invite list is getting an overhaul next year.

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