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I ran up to Erie recently to check out the area of where our annual picnic will be. The Mrs. and I have been working on ideas for new dishes so I had to see how much grill space I’ll have and if I can bring up any of my fryers and cookers. I have to laugh because every year a few people whine about how unhealthy everything is based on appearance (even though they have NO idea what’s actually in it) and yet they’re the ones scarfing down the food. It’s a friggin picnic, not a health care convention. Fill your trap with food and shut it. I won’t hint as to what we’re working on in Spoon La-bor-a-tories so you’ll have to wait. Remember kids, people wont remember how much food you had at your gathering but how little. Keep the “quaint”ness at home. Picnics are meant for everyone to eat, drink and be merry 🙂

Since our last picnic 2 years ago I’ve acquired a taste for craft beers. Unfortunately I think I’ll be the only one there that drinks such a monster. There will be plenty of that Corona swill and *ugh* New Jersey’s newly brewed Rolling Rock so I may have to bring my own supply or drink lake water. Last summer, my brother got razzed by our cousins if the $2 Miller Light in Erie tastes as good as the $6 Miller Light at the stadium in Pittsburgh. Yeah I laughed but then again I’ve been known to spend $10-15 on a bottle to, as my wife says, take an expensive piss. According to Tina there’s maybe 2 places to get good craft beer in Erie so I might have to make a run and stock up. Hopefully if this new brewpub I heard of takes off there will be 3. I don’t blame the people for not knowing of craft beers if it’s not easily available. Wonder what kinda market there would be for it up there? Heh, no I’m not moving back.

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