Just like suicide…

NYC building blows up in botched suicide attempt.

Heard it from another room
Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep
Loves like suicide
Dazed out in a garden bed
With a broken neck lays my broken gift
Just like suicide

And my last ditch
Was my last brick
Lent to finish her
Finish her

Bit down on the bullet now
I had a taste so sour
I had to think of something sweet
Loves like suicide
Safe outside my gilded cage
With an ounce of pain
I wield a ton of rage
Just like suicide

With eyes of blood
And bitter blue
How I feel for you
I feel for you

She lived like a murder
How shed fly so sweetly
She lived like a murder
But she died
Just like suicide

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3 Responses to Just like suicide…

  1. Javahead says:

    I was in Manhattan when this nutjob did this too. I was about 20 blocks away. It was ALL OVER the frickin’ news. He injured 15 people and managed to survive as well due to being in the basement. Between this and the guy who was caught in the plot to blow up one of the tunnels in the weeks before, I have never felt safer in NYC! 😉

  2. h4x says:

    I just typed “superunknown.com” in while listening to that song by Soundgarden and it took me here; after finding lyrics to another Soundgarden song, I figured I would let you know.

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