MLB Fan Fest 2006 – Pittsburgh, PA

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Yesterday my wife and I went to FanFest down at the convention center. She had won tickets from a contest from KDKA so we figured we’d check it out. Originally I had no intention of taking part in anything All-Star since I have some serious issues with it this year but hey, free tix, wtf, why not. We met up with the Stoosh’s and ventured in. The event was significantly better than 1994 when Pittsburgh last hosted the All Star game. Noticeable difference though was that there wasn’t as many people wanting to shove freebies at us every minute. My favorite part was the live auction in the back of the first floor. I’m a sucker for baseball history so this was my chance to geek out.  Seats from Forbes Field, Clemente uniforms, ticket stubs from early 1900’s (it was also at this point that my wife said that’s still not a reason to save every ticket stub like I do now. Whatever, 1994 all star stubs were going for $75. You should see the mounds of junk I have left over from that game).  First floor was mainly art displays, a few vendors, some autographs and a great display on the minor league teams. All team hats were available along with a few jerseys.

Upstairs is where Stoosh and I made broadcasting history. We took part in the “You call the play.” booth. The 2 of us were able to pick a play from a list of roughly 19 baseball moments that we wanted to do the play-by-play for. Our pick, Mark Smith’s HR to seal the last Pirates no-hitter in 1997. Whomever decided to do this was genius. We had a blast calling the 2 minute clip (or as Stoosh said “Someone get Kevin McClatchy new pants!” after the HR was it).

We walked around for awhile and had to fight with some really pushy fans and people not watching their fucking kids but for the most part enjoyed ourselves. As we headed back to the car the mrs. picked me up an All-Star baseball and had our names burned into the side so that was a very cool gift from the day.

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