I fought the law and the law… didn’t win


Now do you REALLY think I’d cause mischief? Never! The mrs. and I went up to central PA for her family reunion. Arrived Friday night and chilled at her mom’s house. Saturday was the fest. I swear to God that people need to take notes on how this family plans a party because they do it right. Enough food for lunch and dinner. Everyone ate, hung out in the sun and enjoyed the day. No one was worried on how quaint things looked or shit like that. Later in the evening we went out for the annual bonfire. Sat around with the family and bullshitted for hours while having a few tasty beverages and making mountain pies. This morning we took our good ole time coming back and stopped in Punxy for the Groundhog Festival that’s going on until next weekend.  I love that furry rat Phil.
I had some ideas for future podcasts so we’ll see what happens!

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