Long overdue recap


This past week has been completely nuts and also made me reflect on how I approach different aspects of my life. Last week my cousin passed away. This was very difficult to deal with since it was the first time for me that one of “us” died. Another cousin of mine passed away when I was an infant so I don’t recall it. We spent 2 days up in Erie with family and then it was back to Pittsburgh. It was good to see family again but you never want to do it under these terms. Made me think about how, in an instant, it could all be over. I also saw some interesting sides to my family that either I was blind to before or subconsciously chose to ignore. My wife filled me in on a lot of things also. We’ll see when the picnic rolls around.

Friday we arrived in Cranberry for our bowling banquet and all we wanted to do was sleep. Yeah that didn’t happen. Lushie went to bed after a couple of hours so I stayed up with the guys to play some cards and partake in Jack n Cokes.

Saturday was perfect. Breakfast at the Brighton Hotdog Shoppe was the best greasy spoon food I’ve had. Temp was a steady 80ish and skies were clear. We hung out at the pool for 6 hours while working on our tans and killing about 6-8 cases of beer. Keep in mind that there are about 30 or so people with us. Lushie was tossed into the pool by Griff while she was still dressed. That started the afternoon long guys v girls pool war. When Griff grabbed her leg he must have had sunscreen on his palm because after a few hours in the sun she had a white hand mark on her leg. We laughed. Just like Vegas, everything else that happened at the pool is staying there. We think John is still recovering. Saturday night was the banquet. Plenty of beverages (the gin was kicked by the time I was done), dancing (yes even me) and food. Griff and I tied for most improved bowlers by coming in 20 pin avg. better than last year. As we left there was a plaque for this Western PA Hall of Famer!I couldn’t stop laughing. Went back to the hospitality room for a few more drinks and pizza.

Sunday my ballgame was cancelled for some reason so I had plenty of time to chill on the couch. That evening we went to see Grease at the Benedum for a pre-birthday present for the wife for her 30th bday. It sucked. I’m all for musicals at times but the stage quality was crap, the mics didnt always work and it just seemed cheesy. btw, if you’re one of the dumbass parents that think this is for little kids please go kill yourself. Know wtf you’re taking your little kids to.

Monday was the big birthday for my wife. Made some breakfast in bed for her along with Mimosa. Went out to lunch and then caught an afternoon showing of Click. GOOD movie and guys you can even swing this as a date night flick.

I have a ton more to talk about but right now i have to catch my breath. May be going to Sweden soon so that will be on interesting trip!


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