So long Textamerica and MySpace

After frequenting both sites for a few years it’s time that we part ways.

Textamerica is becoming strictly a pay site and as some may think, that’s not my reason for leaving. It’s the way they notified users… or lack of notification. This Janet person that took over is a complete fucking bitch. She doesnt realize that she’s about to kill one of the best sites in recent years that didnt turn into a porn haven. I had to find out by chance of reading the comments on someone’s moblog. All accounts that dont sign up to become pay will be terminated. I’m backing up all of my images and moving to a new service. Stay turned for more details.

MySpace. Wow what a disaster this has become. The site is always spitting out errors. I’ve emailed tech support 7 times and not once have they replied to me. I’m tired of being flooded with all the stupid surverys. Seriously, how many of these fucking things do you need to fill out? The worst part is that it’s the same ones over and over again but say “06 edition”. ok, so if it’s the NEW edition then why the hell are the questions still about who you first kissed and shit like that? Did you go back in time and alter your life? No, so quit posting these stupid things. I don’t care what breakfast you had in 5th grade. It’s turned into a “look how many friends i have” pissing contest for some. Seriously, who gives a shit. After going through my list i realized that I only speak to 20 of the 102 friends I have listed. Being a web developer I’m also disgusted at the blatant abortion of a page that you can create now. People, THINK about what you’re making here. You can’t read light gray on white. You don’t need to have 4 music videos start along with your 3 mp’s streaming. It’s not cute, it’s annoying. Also all of you assholes that leave comments with animated gif’s 500px wide should be shot. No one likes scrolling so why do you do it? Even after all of that what finally did it for me was a friends request I had. I help out some bands on the side with sites so I usually get fans of the bands wanting to add me. I check out her profile first (as i do with everyone) and BAM i’m redirected to a porn site as her profile 1/2 loads. Thank you Nadia. I appreciate that. then I get 8 more friends requests form porn people and a few more from Nadia! I felt something was fishy so I ran Spybot and found out this bitch threw adware on my box. I caught it before anything big could happen. I contacted MySpace about it and you guessed it… they never replied.

So TA and MySpace, have a good one. It’s been a real hoot but I’m moving on.

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