Roethlisberger crash shows obsessive side of Steeler Nation

This is Nichol Mitchell. She vowed that she and some friends will maintain a vigil outside Mercy Hospital until Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is released. Apparently Ben’s been released because these people weren’t around this morning when I drove by to get pictures of them for this very post. All of you people have serious fucking issues. I’ve heard about the attempts to sneak onto Ben’s floor. People were cheering when Ben’s family arrived at the ER. Their son could be crippled and all they hear are cheers and HERE WE GO STEELERS! Have some respect you jagoffs.

This is the side of Steeler nation that I hate with a passion. The yinzers that go overboard and you can thank the media for egging it on. WPXI and WTAE both dedicated the 6pm news broadcast to Ben’s accident and the sad thing is that people stayed glued to it just in case something would happen. Like what? He’s in surgery you morons. The drive for local media to claim “you heard it here first” is disgusting and now it’s trickling over to the fans. Fans tailgated an ER for christ sake and the news just couldnt get enough of it. Who the hell does that! Steeler Nation should be ashamed of the acts of these people. One lady was interviewed saying “I want to be the first person to know that he’s ok.” Hey jackass, I doubt the Steelers have you on speed dial or would even go through the masses of people just to tell you first. Get a clue will ya. Better yet, all of you holding the vigil get a friggin job.

The only thing that could top my disgust was the postings on Ebay. Copies of yesterday’s Trib and PG were going for $10 because they had pictures of the accident scene. Someone was sellign an empty cardboard box that “at one time contained Ben’s helmet”. Yeah that was up to $30 and 20 bids. It’s sad to say but the police had to act quickly to remove the bike and all parts from the scene for fear that any of the remains would appear on ebay.

The person that should fear the worst is the lady that hit Ben. One of the local classless rags printed her name and address. Yinzers will crucify her. When Tommy Maddox screwed up last season people egged and trashed his house. Some even death threats. She better pack up and head to Maine.

Ben should never have been riding to start with but I’m not saying it’s completely his fault it happened. KDKA broke the story that Ben isn’t even licensed in PA to ride a bike. Secondly he should have a helmet on. When you’re a pro athlete you have a commitment to your team not to put yourself in danger. You give up that right to be reckless when you cash that first check which is usually more than most people make in 5 years. Yeah it’s not fair and blah blah blah well then fine, give back your money and get a real job. Then you can act like an idiot. The helmet wouldn’t have prevented the accident but it sure as hell would have kept his noggin safe.

As much as I hate the situation and the over compulsive yinzers I do wish Ben a fast recovery. You never want to see this happen to anyone. People, do him and the family a favor… leave them alone until camp starts.

Here are 2 current items for sale on Ebay – Replica of Ben’s tooth | Ben’s Helmet

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