been thinking

what am I going to do with this site? I have a few side projects that have been taking up so much of my time (and mix in new grillin recipes) that I haven’t had a second to catch my breath and post on here. Most of you know that I’ve jumped feet first into podcasting which leaves little time for this site. It also has me pondering the future of my online Clarks Radio station. There really is no motivation for me to keep it on so I’m debating backing it all up and shutting it down. Stay tuned for details…

I’m ready for the weekend and some time offline. Wife said something about unplugging for a weekend. I think she’s high but that’s nothing new.

Before I kickback with the grill and a beer I want all of you oblivious “it’d never happen to my kid” jagoff parents to read this. DETROIT – A 16-year-old girl who flew to the Middle East to see a man she met on was detained in Jordan and was headed home Friday, an spokesman said. Yeah that’s right. It could be your kid. Quit being blind and living in denile of what your kids do online just because you’re too lazy. It amazes me how easily kids get away with things. Then again all the parent has to do these days is sue someone and not take blame.

I love beer. I really do. I’m not talking the get drunk frat boy Bud/Coors/Busch swill either. Rolling Rock is no longer an option and I wouldnt even mow my lawn with a Corona. I love a good craft beer. I’m a huge fan of hoppy beer. I love the smell. I love the taste. I love the feeling. I love how each beer has flavor and character, not a “how soon till ya get fucked up and watch NASCAR” appeal. I plan on having some fine beverages this weekend and you should too. While listening to my podcast of course 🙂
Ok kids, have a good weekend.


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