Satan is on the backburner for this 6/6/06

Jen and Mario

Never thought I’d see the day that my good friend Mario would get hitched. In fact I think in high school he said something about hell freezing over before he would do it. Wait, maybe that was something else? Good luck today you guys and oh yeah I can’t WAIT for the party. Jager all around 🙂 Lushie and I are very happy for you two!

What, did you people expect me to post about the world ending or something today? HA! Well I will be chasing after the crazy christians that will be out trying to save our souls. It’s a date people, get over it already.

**edit** ok this is freaking me out. Twice I’ve written about the Gudgeonville Bridge today and both times the posts have vanished. wtf. The bridge is one of the most spiritually active sites in Erie county and has been a home of paranormal activity for years. From the beating of the mule to the suicide of an old man and even the fabled Headless Horseman, this place should be rockin tonight.

Mario and I went there one night because we heard that activity was high. Still in high school and with junior licenses we knew that we didnt have much time. We pulled in around 11PM, parked in the middle, turned the engine/lights off and waited (that’s the protocol tradition has it). 5 minutes… I check my watch, 10 minutes… nothing. We knew we had to get back home and that it’s a decent drive back. He starts the truck and we turn white. It’s 11:30PM. That’s not possible. I look at my watch and it’s 11:30pm. Somehow we are 20 minutes ahead. We get the hell out of there and haul ass home.

Whenever you visit the bridge it’s customary to make the sign of the cross by this Mary statue at the end of one of the roads as you enter and leave. As we’re leaving the Mary statue now has her back to us. She didnt when we got there. Freaked out even more we floor it to I-90 and leave.

Everyone has their own stories and that’s one of my memorable ones. Rumor has it also that if you park in the middle and stare straight ahead (everything off of course) that you can see visions. I’ll leave that one for you to find out 🙂 I think I may have to take a trip back and visit this place.

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2 Responses to Satan is on the backburner for this 6/6/06

  1. Amy says:

    f**k going anywhere NEAR that bridge !!!

  2. Father Spoon says:

    I’ll be sure to take pics for ya 😉

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