Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Spoon's kickass ribs
Pictures of rib bbq process click here

Weekend started a bit early for me. Lushie was off Friday so I took a 1/2 day to get my appointments in. It was a gloomy day with the rain so we vegged on the couch. Saturday morning I was up at the break of dawn to help sickpuppy build a shed at his new residence. It was a first for me since I’ve never help construct something of this size. Definitely an education from the project (note to self: Liquid Nail friggin rocks). That afternoon we went shopping for supplies for the weekend and most importantly… the ribs.

Saturday night I wrapped the ribs up in plastic after a good rubdown with Bone Suckin Rub, sat back with a few beverages and watch what turned out to be an 18 inning marathon between the Pirates and the Astros. Pirates finally won in the 18th as Jason Bay plowed over the catcher who never had control of the ball. Baby Bella spent the day with us also and was a great little girl to watch. One thing is for sure, I’m getting plenty of practice for when we have kids.

Sunday was ribs day and I was pumped. Unwrapped the ribs, threw them on the grill for 3 hours and Bella kept a steady eye on me. Lushie did 6 loads of laundry in the meantime so every article of clothing we own is now washed. I also swept out the garage and prepped it for the party coming on Monday. After hour 3 had passed I tried something new. Took the ribs off, laid them on a sheet of foil, poured apple juice over meat and then wrapped in foil for another hour. Towards the end I put on my sauce. Holy hell these were fanfuckingtastic. Even Lushie was impressed. I really need to get a smoker for the house. Nick and Tara came home and, while we’re all outside chatting, Tara tries to soak me with a pitcher of water while leaning out of the kitchen. I just happened to have a hose in my hand from Nick and nailed her with it. The water fight started. I spritzed the kitchen a few times before Nick filled a pitcher with water and waited. As Tara leaned out, Nick threw the pitcher of water up at her from the garage underneath. It was at this point that I think Nick won but Tara kept on fighting. I don’t know how it ended because I went inside before someone got killed.

Monday we had a small gathering at our place for about 11 people. We had steaks, hot dogs, burgers, pasta salad and potato salad. Desert was brownies and cake. See people it’s not hard to organize one of these things. Just takes some common sense. We had the spread all lined up in the garage and sat outside to soak up the sun. Too nice of a day to stay inside. Wouldn’t you know it, a few games of beer pong sprung out 🙂 Over all it was a very relaxing day.

Oh before I forget, sickpuppy has the new equipment in for our show so EP #3 should be coming soon. Maybe we should broadcast from his new shed.


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    We may have to, to avoid the fridge noise!

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