Pearl Jam Cleveland show review

This show is the BEST concert that I have ever been to. The energy was high, the beer was flowing, the music was great and the fans were top notch… oh yeah and we had seats IN THE 3RD ROW! I got into Cleveland around 4pm and just in time to meet up with Silent Bob at checkin. It’s been a few years since I’ve actually been in Cleveland during the daytime and I must say I thought it was quite a dirty place. Even worse than Detroit, but then again it seemed like quite a bit of construction.

After some warmup beers back at the room we headed over to the Quicken Loans Arena. Weather was picture perfect for us which was good since there’s been a week of rain in the area. We get in the arena and see there’s a decent size line. We decide instead to go to the arena bar and wait it out a few. The security guard rips our ticket and we have a couple beverages and then go inside.

Opening band was My Morning Jacket. Decent band but how many opening unknown bands blow you away. Pearl Jam came out and the rest of the night went down in history as the bext show EVER. Below are the links to our photo galleries and the setlists.

Pre-Opener Last Kiss

Set 1 Better Man, Given To Fly, World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted, Severed Hand, Faithfull, Unemployable, Gone, Daughter/(It’s Ok), MFC, Immortality, Lukin, Do The Evolution, Spin The Black Circle, Porch

Encore 1 Wasted Reprise, Thumbing My Way, Inside Job, Black, Alive

Encore 2 Go, Comatose, U, Don’t Gimme No Lip, Smile, Why Go, Fuckin’ Up, Yellow Ledbetter

Photo Gallery: Spoon’s pictures | Silent Bob’s pictures

After the concert we tried to find a bar thatdidn’t have lines out the door but that was impossible with fans also in for the Pirates and Indians series next door at Jacobs Field. We went back to the hotel and had some more beers. There were drunk people all over the place. Not rowdy either, just feelin the love. I was standing outside the hotel when these two drunk girls came stumbling over. Apparently they lost their car in “a parking lot that is $5.” Yeah I’m Pittsburgh so I wasnt much help but there was a group of 4 guys that were up for the challenge. I’m not sure if they ever found their car but I don’t think it was in the bar they walked to.

We got up and left around 9:30am this morning but the front desk failed to mention one thing. The Cleveland Marathon was going on and yup, they were blocking the ONLY way for me to get onto I-77. Took me an hour to go 4 blocks but I didn’t mind. Listened to the new PJ cd yet again and just savored the time to myself.

Oh yeah, and I also managed to get one of McCready’s picks after it struck me in the arm 🙂

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