The Golden Calf of outdoor grilling

Bread Breaker® Two Plus Smoker Box Gourmet Stainless Steel Grill $9,590
High performance grill and smoker— with 176,000 BTUs and a traditional smoke box

Most of you know that I love grilling and bbq. It gives me some time to myself all while creating a tasty dish. Saturday afternoons i read griling books and surf for new recipes to try while my wife tackles a new burger. Well today I stumbled on this gem from one of the newsgroups I subscribe to and I’m glad that I checked in. First off 100,000 primary grilling BTUs is hotter than hell in summer. Mine right now is only 35k. Then there’s the 22,000 BTU infrared searing burner for searing temperatures over 1,000 degrees!

Ok, I know right now you’re thinking what the hell am I going to do with this? Oh gee I don’t know, maybe have a party 🙂 Even with all of the fire power and the smoker, what I love is 3/16″ laser-cut stainless steel cooking surface configured to your preferred combination of meat, fish and vegetable grilling patterns.

This brings a tear to my eye *sniff sniff*. My wife understands completely (or so she says) but I think that’s because she has her ultimate kitchen planned. While house shopping we keep these things in mind since we’re in no rush but I am starting to get ansty for a grilling/smoking area to call my own. My kegerator for craft beer is getting lonely 🙂
Quote from my friend Eva after I sent her a link to this grill… “I’d worship at this thing daily!” She’s right, I would also.

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5 Responses to The Golden Calf of outdoor grilling

  1. hooter says:

    while i don’t have a smoker, i now have my island kit for my grill. here is the kenmore elite stock photo. mine of course, doesn’t have a pool in the background.

  2. Father Spoon says:

    oh damn dude i bet you get some good flesh burnin on that baby!

  3. hooter says:

    it does some damn good flesh burnin. i have a rotissary and do chickens and roasts on that baby. they come out great. and now that i have counter space, it is so much easier to cook things. i can have it all out there next to me when i need it. the island also has 4x my cabinet space for assorted goodies. i’m going to convert the cabinet space under the grill with a fridge next. just need to have one made the size i want. stock small fridges will only end up holding like 24 beers. what good is that?

  4. Clarke says:

    Spoon, that looks bad ass. Did you buy it? I just upgraded this past April to a 64,000 BTU unit and I have to say it was well worth the money. I can get to 350 degrees with only one burner alone. And it’s so big, you can set a chip station over one burner, put your meat on the other side of the grill and off-set smoke for hours.

    If you haven’t bought it yet, just get it. The longer you think about it, the easier it is to talk yourself out of it. Buyers remorse is shit and doesn’t last long. Don’t even fret it.

  5. Father Spoon says:

    I wish I had room for it. My current living environment doesn’t give me much lawn. That’s why we’re house shopping 🙂

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