Ripped from the headlines… I weep for society

The following are snippits from and story. I first became disgusted while reading and then furious.

Man denied bag says Angels discriminated
SANTA ANA, Calif. — A man who was denied a red nylon tote bag during a Mother’s Day promotion at an Angels baseball game has filed a sex and age discrimination lawsuit against the team.

The class action claim filed by Michael Cohn, a Los Angeles psychologist, alleges that thousands of males and fans under age 18 are entitled to $4,000 in damages each because they were treated unequally at last May’s promotion. Women over 18 received the gifts.

“They claimed they didn’t have any more bags, but my client said there was a mountain of bags stacked so high a show dog couldn’t have jumped over them,” said Alfred Rava, Cohn’s San Diego-based attorney.

Rava said the altered promotion still violates the civil rights of fans under age 18.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? You’re going to sue because a Mother’s Day giveaway
wasn’t meant for you when the promotion was obviously stated when you bought the ticket. Buy purchasing that ticket you acknowledge the terms of the ballclub.

How much more crybabying do we need before this country implodes? What makes you think that everyone should cater to you? I’m so fucking sick of people getting a lawyer because they feel entitled to something that’s not theirs. Most of this i’m sure stems from parents saying “well if you whine and cry enough you’ll get your way.” Hell, he probably just needs a hug.
It won’t stop here people… it’s only going to drag our society down lower until someone finally takes us over.

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  1. Michael says:

    dude, it was california – what else do you expect.

    lawyers… The real terrorists!

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