Diamond Dave out with O&A back in!

You knew from the moment David Lee Roth spoke his first words after replacing Howard Stern that this should would be a trainwreck and it was just a matter of time before CBS radio cleaned up the mess. This past monday the cleanup of Dave’s genocide on listeners ears ended and what appeared is radio history.

CBS Radio has announced that shock jocks Opie and Anthony will not only continue on XM sat. Radio but also will cover the 6a-9a shift on free FM radio. Listeners to the XM show will be able to listen to it in it’s entirety. At 9am O&A plus Jimmy Norton will leave the studio and go over to the XM studio. Here’s the kicker, O&A took the studio that Howard HAD occupied. Talk about a kick in the nuts. Sorry Howard but looks like you just got the shaft. Have fun on Sirius, jagoff.

To see the history of O&A click here

The 7 stations you can now catch O&A on are:
92.3 FREE FM – New York City
94.1 FREE FM – Philadelphia
WBCN 104.1 FM – Boston
BUZZ 103.1 FM – West Palm Beach, FL
105.3 FREE FM – Dallas, TX
92.3 WXRK FM – Cleveland, OH (show airs from 3pm – 6pm)
93.7 FM – Pittsburgh, PA

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