Stoosh’s Solid Gold Sweepers win 1st ever curling match

Yeah, he’s gonna klill me when he reads that name. Yesterday was our first time in competition for curling. Unfortunately there were time restraints but we did register a 2-1 win over ummm Team 6 I think it was. Our team has really come together in the last few weeks and once we get a decent end of ice I expect great things. I’m still having trouble getting the sweeping down to a comfortable position. With one week to go I’ll have to practice on the kitchen floor. We’ll have the cleanest place in Pittsburgh. Amazingly I only smacked my knee once off the ice. After that I vowed never to do it again. Ok, again that day at least.
If you’re curious on exactly what goes on at a curling match I found some very helpful instructional videos online. (view it in IE).

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