I am a Curling machine!

Stoosh and I started our curling careers in champion style this past weekend by not scoring one point. In fact I think he’s the only one that came close to scoring. The 2 of us joined a curling league to see 1) what all the hype was about 2) see if it’s as easy as it looks on tv.

If ever there was a sport I grossly underestimated for difficulty it’s curling. If your butt isn’t in some kinda of shape you will get wrecked. Intro to everything was general rules and form for throwing the stone. Then came the hands on experiment. I think all of us fell down the first time. On the foot you lead with, you wear a rubber cover over your shoe with a flat plastic surface on the bottom. You push off a hack(piece of wood or plastic you rest your foot on), glide across the ice and let the stone go. Sounds easy right? Well it is until you have to balance on that piece of rubber that you’re not as sturdy as you thought and realize that 44lb stone has to go just about the length of a hockey rink. Took 3 or 4 throws before I got that down and stopped smacking my knee off the ice. Then you have to take into consideration the slant of the ice, the rotation you put on the stone and your sweepers brooms. My head was spinning. Once you get a hang of it though it will come naturally. Anyone thinking they will come in here day one and go for the Olympics is sorely mistaken. This sport is seriously not THAT easy. I have a new respect for curling professionals.

We played a couple of rounds until it was time to leave. When we finished we had the basics down to get the stones to the other end and not fall on our asses so now we can develop form and startegy. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. Honestly i LOVED it. I had a great time playing and can’t wait for our next session. I’m also happy to be back on the ice again in some form.

Here are some pictures I took with my camera phone while there. http://the-spoon.textamerica.com/?_ctgry=23214

For more details on the sport of Curling check out Wikipedia


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  1. Kenny says:

    Dude, I want to go curling with you. Hmm that sounds kinda wierd. Kinda like spooning. Even more wierd. Being that you are spoon-n-all. Hmmm let me shut up now. Actually if I were to play a winter sport this would be it. Lets turn it into a drinkin game. Hmmm potential. It’s 2 am on Monday, Captian Morgan ran out… forfive me.

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