OSX and XP on the same machine? BRILLIANT!


Hell must have frozen over (yeah I know Erie had 2 inches last night) for this to have finally happened. Once you’ve completed Boot Camp, simply hold down the option key at startup to choose between Mac OS X and Windows. (That’s the “alt” key for you longtime Windows users.) After starting up, your Mac runs Windows completely natively. Simply restart to come back to Mac.

This is fan-fucking-tastic. I’m geekin over this. really, I am. This is almost better than free samples of beer and watching hockey. I said ALMOST.

***update** Jesus christ you people are savages. Ok here is why I think this is a good idea. I do a/v work. To go physically from a Mac to a windows machine sucks. Having both in one is an advantage to myself. Helps keep the cost down of hardware. The downfall is everyday Joe Blow who cant figure out email will get confused by the friggin mouse or the key with an apple on it. But hey, at least your cup holder is still available. Oh hell, this means I’ll get more phone calls to fix the family machines.

**last update 4:14pm** Pictures of the install and the first BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

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  1. Michael says:

    so there is another market opening up here…

    keyboard stickers… similar to this


    BUT all I’d sell would be the alt/apple and the option/windows stickers

    Anything to help out those less reluctant to migrate… and of course to make a buck or two!

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