I had lunch in heaven today…

3 sons Dogs n Suds

and all I got was this bottle of Killer Penguin and sickpuppy giving me the finger. We went to lunch today at a new (well to us) Hot Dog and Beer Store in Wexford named 3 Sons Dogs & Suds. When we walked into the store I thought sickpuppy’s eyes were going to blow out of their sockets. It was like a kid in a candy store. We both stood there in awe. The cases gleamed in the neon lights as if Jesus himself stocked them. 3 Sons has over 500 beers available and a well equipped hot dog menu. This is my Chicago style hotdog I purchased with a Mt dew and chips for $5. Can’t beat that deal!

While some of you may scoff at the beer snob selection there is some of that Bud and Coors swill you drink also… on a bottom shelf in the back where it belongs. For me the moment of the day wasn’t seeing every beer from the Weyerbacher Brewery that Western PA doesn’t usually get but to finally see someone embrace Stone Brewery! I LOVE their beer. Stone’s Ruination IPA, Arrogant Bastard, Smoked Porter and the seasonal Stone Old Guardian Barleywine were in stock today.

Every Thursday they host a tasting from one of the brewers they carry that runs 6-8pm. You get samples of various beers and get to talk beer. Since I just found out about this and today is Thursday I wont be able to attend but sickpuppy and myself have made it a mission to attend some of these.

If you weren’t able to tell by now I was very impressed. We spoke with one of the owners (I think he was one of the sons at least) and he was very knowledgeable on all of the beers we asked about. Very polite in explaining where everything was, how the beers are priced and the different events that go on there. The glassware they’re starting to get in also is limited and top notch. Sickpuppy almost fainted at the Chimay order 🙂

I dig it. Check it out. http://3sonsdogsandsuds.com/


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2 Responses to I had lunch in heaven today…

  1. Amy says:

    Dude, that security code makes it damn near impossible to post a message on here. Half the time you can’t even make the letters out. Took me 7 tries on my last comment 🙂

    That 3 Sons place looks pretty tight. Try the Abita Purple Haze… you won’t regret it, and I want to hear a recording when you’re drinking that shiat!

  2. Father Spoon says:

    Thanks Amy, i adjusted the security image settings. Should be easier now. I was there today with sickpuppy and picked up some Great Divide Hercules Double IPA. We’re gonna try doing a review of it over Skype.

    Beer review podcast is coming along. We should have a new studio soon. Until then we’re gonna have to be ghetto 🙂

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