Church of The GIN vs The Gray Kangaroo

The Gray Kangaroo
The Gray Kangaroo is a personal alcohol filter which purifies your spirit of choice and boasts that you will not have a hangover. A GK was given to me from Brad at Operation Shortbus back in October as a present for years of excellence to society. After one of our services it was decided that we had to break this in and test for ourselves so that you, our dear community, will not be misled by marketing alone of the name Personal Alcohol Filter. Another sacrifice we’re willing to make for you 🙂
I have created a page that will document how our experiments have gone. A perma link will be made available when I finish the front page but for now you can see Experiment 1 – Kasser Vodka.

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1 Response to Church of The GIN vs The Gray Kangaroo

  1. Brad says:

    “Church of The GIN vs The Gray Kangaroo” – freakin’ brilliant! You may have some Georgia Moon Whiskey in your future! 🙂

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