THIS is the Natalie Portman that I like

Click image to see video. Digital Short from SNL. I always knew she had it in her. *sniff* I’m so happy.

**UPDATE** Apparently You Tube got slapped for copyright violation so here’s another link off nbc this time. goddamn corporate savages

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3 Responses to THIS is the Natalie Portman that I like

  1. Clarke says:

    Unlike us, those bastards at YouTube must be afraid of being sued. They took your video down due to copyright infringement. Like you’re ripping off SNL or something.


    They should pay you for promoting the show. It sucks 80% of the time anyway.

  2. spoon says:

    Thanks for letting me know Clarke. I’ve updated the link .


  3. Clarke says:

    OK, that was worth the wait. That video was the SHIT! Brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing, Reverend Spoon.

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