12:01am… 2/25/06

Execution time… KABLAM!

We’re on the new host and holy hell this is fuckin sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. I’m geekin out here since downtime was non-existant. Everything should be up and running now. If not let me know. Now comes the fun part, rebuilding superunknown.com. There are a few sketches i’ve filtered it down to that I drew. We shall see but until then… I need to hit some beverages.

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3 Responses to 12:01am… 2/25/06

  1. Brad says:

    Glad to see it went smoothly! Can’t wait for the bigger, better & badder superunknown.com! I may offer you free beer in the near future to design me a more professional looking (i.e. – not crappy as it is now!) website!

  2. hooter says:

    I took a dump just now, looks much better then most of superunknown.com


  3. Javahead says:

    You’ll enjoy all of the features… and I’m sure you’ll never use it. I haven’t even come close. There have been a few random outages over the years… like the LA blackout. That sucked @$$!

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