Birthday recap

Yesterday was great. We slept in and lounged around most of the day. Went to see Fun wuth Dick and Jane out in North Versailles. Holy hell that’s a drive for a movie but there was reasoning behind Lushie’s madness. Movie was VERY funny and also we were the only ones in the theater. Added bonus 🙂 Afterwards we went to John Harvard’s Brewhouse for a surprise gathering. The wifey told me we were having dinner and I left it at that in the car. I had a feeling something was up when I saw my brother’s car parked right in front.

I had told my wife originally I wanted somethng low-key and thought this was planned for Friday. Yeah she burned me 🙂 Let’s see we had my parents, bro and his wife, griff and deb, john and EriCa, Nick and Tara. Steak tips were incredible. Picked up a growler for the road and plan on reviewing the beer soon. By far the best part of the night was opening this. Thanks Griff.

Afterwards we went to Fox n Hound for darts and beer with Nick & Tara. Nice frothy Arrogant Bastard in my glass. Perfect capper for the evening.

Well this is it. Last post on this blog until after the server move. I’m still uploading files to the new server and will probably roll into work later today. The DNS change can take up to 2 days to sweep all across the internet so dont worry if something doesn’t work. I plan on being completely done with the move on Feb 28 since that’s when my service ends 😛

Peace – Love – Gin!

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