One more day to 30.

Tomorrow will be the last post I’m making with my current webhost. Everything has been moved over except for the blog. Photos went over this morning but I may have to use a new tool for the gallery so that may be down a few days while I reorganize. I really dont know what’s going to happen with this blog. It could be gone forever or it could transfer with no problem. I’m off tomorrow so i may play then but the wife has something planned for me. I’m not sure exactly what yet.

Saturday we went to Griff’s for a Vinnie Pie and to feast on a variety pack from Weyerbacher brewery in Easton, PA. Blithering Idiot (11.1% alch), Merry Monks (9.3% alch), Old Heathen (8% alch.) and Raspberry Imperial Stout (8% alch.). The beer lived up to it’s name. Griff and I recorded a podcast reviewing the beer. Yeah, 2 guys sitting around drinking beer and recording online… that’s not safe.

Yesterday we had cake and ice cream with my brother’s family and our friend Terri. Cake was The Oakmonter from Oakmont Bakery. By far the best cake I’ve ever had. Here is the description – One layer of light “Italian Style” Cheesecake, one layer of dark fudge icing, one layer of moist dark chocolate cake, iced in creamy milk chocolate frosting, topped with a chocolate bar and cherries. After the family left we played a game of Scene It – Music Edition and then TV edition. Never played these type of games before but had a good time.

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  1. hooter says:

    let me know when you hit rolling rock, and i’ll come drink with you.

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