Changes are coming

The original intent of this site 9 years ago was for me to have a playground to test code. Since then it’s burst into it’s own little culture that I’m finally starting to come to accept. I’ve started drawning up plans for an overhaul of this site and also with life. Significant changes are going to be made not only with this site but also maybe kinda sorta could be with where I call home and a few other surprises along the way. Don’t bother asking me online or in person. I won’t tell ya. Even if you’re family. I’ll let the anticipation get to you. Come up with whatever crazy stories you can. Odds have it you’re hella wrong… Or I could just be full of shit about everything. Wouldnt be the first time and certainly not the last. Maybe it’s just because I’ll be 30 next week 🙂

I can’t say much more because for once there’s more than just me involved and we still have deals to hash out. So if you see a broken image just let me know. If the template seems out of whack when you post comments don’t worry. Odds have it i know already.

Drink Gin. It’s good food. Cheers!

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2 Responses to Changes are coming

  1. Hooter says:

    Finally! I got you to move to Detroit.

  2. Brad says:

    Glad to see I finally talked you into moving to a third world country to spread the word of “The Church of Brad” ALL HAIL, eh…ME!

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